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LAVINA TILWANI – Tarot Card Reader, Reiki, Pranic and Crystal healer, numerologist, and guest speaker

LAVINA TILWANI – Tarot Card Reader, Reiki, Pranic and Crystal healer, numerologist, and guest speaker

Lavina Tilwani is an experienced Tarot Card reader, Reiki, Pranic, Crystal healer, and Candle Therapist who has been a part of the industry for over ten years. She performs tarot card readings in French, Hindi, and English and has clients all over the world. She has her own product line and a suite of online courses. She also holds workshops on Tarot card reading, Abundance, Pendulum Dousing, Osho Zen, Crystal Therapy, Candle Therapy and much more

Here is Lavina in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey begin?

My journey as a healer began at the age of 17 when my mom started learning Reiki and pushed me to learn. I just learnt it for her sake. But when my teacher healed one of my major health issues, I started believing in it. My journey as a tarot reader began recently around 15 years back when I saw a friend using tarot cards. I immediately enquired and enrolled myself in a tarot class. And then there was no looking back. I learned a lot of other related courses and many other healing modalities like pranic, crystal and Russian chants and healings. I started practising and people were healed and got their right answers from tarot.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

My mentors who taught me have been my source of inspiration and of course my family who never doubted what I did and where I invested.

3) Do you believe in Astrology. If yes, why?

Definitely, I do believe in astrology right from childhood, when I saw my grandparents following astrology. There is a lot of accuracies and I believe it’s always the planet game. The planets in your natal chart decide everything you go through.

4) How do you think a Tarot Card can change one’s life?

Tarot Cards should be used for guidance. They help you to understand your short term goals. It sorts out your confusion and helps to make changes accordingly. Tarot works on your energies. Astrology is a  fixed science and it tells your future, whereas Tarot is an occult science that is not fixed so it keeps changing as you change your mindset.

5) In this modern era, do people still believe in this?

Tarot is actually taking momentum in the modern Era people nowadays are more drawn to tarot than to Astrology. It’s definitely growing and more acceptable to the youth.

6) Tell us your scariest incident with Tarot Card reading. 

The scariest thing which I experienced was when I had predicted a suicide for someone and that person actually committed it the very next day.

7) Which has been your most memorable moment?

My most memorable experience is not one but many. The most beautiful one is when a lady conceived after my healings and readings when the doctors had said no to her.

8) Do you think people should believe in the Tarot Card reading?

A well-experienced reader can definitely do the trick in making one belief in tarot. If you follow the guidelines of tarot and do not cross-check your readings with other readers frequently then tarot definitely works well and having faith in this science makes all the difference. So yes I do recommend people to get tarot readings done.


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