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CHAVI CHHABRA – an engineer, entrepreneur and digital creator

CHAVI CHHABRA – an engineer, entrepreneur and digital creator

Chavi Chhabra is an Engineer, Entrepreneur, and a quite recent Digital Content Creator. She was in Dubai for the last 7 years where she received BE Hons. in ECE from the BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. She gained some experience at companies like Daikin and OYO, meanwhile started her own Commodity trading company in UAE with a friend.

As she started juggling between her job and the start-up, She opened another trading company in Jaipur(her home town), India. So she had to quit her job. Then she got engaged to her company partner/ good friend, she opened another Events & Advertisement company in Odisha. They have more plans to expand and peg down a lot of things. Oh yes, she also got married and moved to Odisha in January!

So yeah, it’s been quite a journey till now for her and it has been a lot of fun. This pandemic gave me a major break, she didn’t realize how she was running ahead without looking around on what all she is missing out. That’s when she started her page where she created content around Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. She is so passionate about this that She has started doing this professionally as a side hustle! It is just like therapy for her.

Here is Chavi Chhabra in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as an Entrepreneur begin?

My journey as an Entrepreneur started when I was in BITS Pilani Dubai (Final year of my course- BE Hons. ECE) After my graduation, I opened my Trading company in Dubai whilst I was working as a Business Development Engineer in a Dubai based Company. Later, started an Events & Advertising Company in India. I consider myself a novice as an entrepreneur hence, I’m exploring more options and opportunities to invest in while simultaneously expanding the businesses that I have already established.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

My parents are the main source of my inspiration. In terms of being an Entrepreneur, I’ve learnt a lot from my father because of his Never Say Die attitude and in spite of not being from a typical business family, he created his business empire through sheer hard work and determination. I learnt the virtues of patience & inherited an indomitable spirit which shows that age is just a number and you can achieve your dreams if you have a clear foresight and are focused all the way. This is because she graduated as a Fashion Designer at the age of 45 and started her own clothing label.

3) Tell us about the digital content you create.

I recently started this Instagram page during the quarantine, where I found a platform to showcase my passion for Beauty, Fashion, Health & Lifestyle. It’s called ‘TheCeCeWay’ because my initials are CC and I am posting about the things I do my way!  create content around my personal fashion statement, how I like to dress up or carry myself, my makeup routine and hacks that I use in daily life, my personal choices when it comes to smart or self-indulging buys. The aim of my page is not just to deliver content but to boost women of all age groups and backgrounds to be confident and comfortable in their own skin.

4) How do you feel being an Engineer, an Entrepreneur, and a digital content creator?

Being an Engineer has definitely taught me multitasking, which has been the greatest asset to me! I’ve learnt how to look at things differently and find logical solutions to everyday problems that help me as an Entrepreneur and a Digital Content Creator. My experience at Multinational corporations has widened my spectrum which allows me to create tasteful and engaging digital content that caters to a range of audiences. As a budding Entrepreneur, I continue to learn the art of management and to develop sustainable businesses in the long run that are both financially and technically viable.

5) When and how did you plan to start your own trading company?

I started my trading company in Dubai at the age of 22. I had just graduated from college as an Electronics & Communication Engineer. I liked working as a professional for other companies but it never gave me job satisfaction. I saw some opportunities in the sector of Automotive & Alcohol trading which intrigued me, so I decided to go for it with the help of a friend (who is now my husband). Fortunately, we have been able to grow together with this company and started more such ventures into the trading sector.

6) How was the experience of working with Daikin and OYO and what were your positions?

My experience at both the multi-nationals was very helpful. I was working as a Sales Engineer at Daikin Middle East & Africa and as a Corporate Sales Associate at OYO Middle East. These two companies gave me a lot of insight into the work culture at a top corporate company. Working with people of so many different cultures and backgrounds, gave me a really good perspective on how to achieve a common goal by helping each other out and the real benefits of teamwork.

7) Tell us something about your Events and Advertising company.

I decided to open this Events Company when I was travelling back home to India. This is another venture where I saw an opportunity to explore my creative side and make it into a full-time business. Currently, we are dealing with Corporate Events & Advertisements only. We have envisioned to expand this company into the digital sector.

8) What is the sole purpose that motivates you to create content about Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle?

As I mentioned earlier, I have always been passionate about Fashion & Beauty even though I didn’t pursue it professionally. Social Media has given me a platform to showcase my creative side and influence people.

9) What advice shall you give to the other Entrepreneurs who want to set a mark?

I consider myself very new to this but I can share what I learnt as a beginner:

1. Don’t be afraid to start something new, you will only know if you take risks.
2. Always have a full-proof business plan before getting into something new.
3. No matter what, you must focus on perfecting the process involved and the results will follow automatically. 

10) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I don’t really like it when someone asks this question because I feel everyone evolves with time as a person and the circumstances. For example, COVID has introduced so many limitations to what one would have thought to do or be by 2020! I just want to be happy, healthy and grateful in the next 5, 10,.. years!

11) How’s life in quarantine?

Life in quarantine was quite strenuous initially but I adapted and figured out a lot about myself and started this Instagram page where I create content around the things I love, which I doubt would have been possible if not for this quarantine! 


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