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Male Celebrities Bashing Toxic Masculinity Through Fashion

Male Celebrities Bashing Toxic Masculinity Through Fashion

(Before we begin, Belated happy men’s day to all our male readers.)

“Be a man?” they say but what is the meaning of this sentence? There are rules about how they should dress, behave and present themselves and above all HOW NOT TO EXPRESS THEIR EMOTIONS.

We find so many expectations and pressure to uphold a masculine image based on strength becoming intensified through the increasing influence of social media but is it necessary? Fashion has the power to redefine the austerity associated with masculine principles and everything the media has taught us about what it takes to be a man.

Most fashion houses such as Prada and Gucci have started to focus on creating gender-neutral clothing which could be considered as a way of rejecting toxic masculinity. Miuccia Prada once stated, “I wonder if men don’t really experiment with fashion is because they’ve never wanted to or because society has never really told them that they have that option” and we couldn’t agree more.

So here’s a list of some male celebrities who have rejected toxic masculinity through their bold choices in fashion:

Freddie Mercury:

This music legend was also known for being unapologetically himself whilst rocking very audacious fashion choices on and off stage. This fashion icon was ahead of his time and he managed to inspire so many other artists and people who wanted to express themselves through their fashion choices.

A$AP Rocky:

This rapper played important part in bringing androgynous clothing into rap and hip hop. He’s been spotted wearing dresses and Timberland boots and genuinely doesn’t care what other people think of him whilst he casually rebels against gender social norms.

Jaden Smith:

Jaden rejects all forms of gender stereotypes and wears what he likes and doesn’t apologise for it. In an interview with GQ he stated that his gender-neutral approach is because he wants to “teach people how to be comfortable and stop being so scared”

Ranveer Singh:

Nothing about this man is usual or ordinary. He took gender roles and fashion norms and neatly tossed them out of the window. He took gendered fashion trends and reversed them so that it became acceptable for men to wear the kind of clothing usually considered ‘feminine’ in our culture.

He is not afraid to show his emotions. He’s not afraid to be mocked for his fashion choices.

Ranveer singh is a straight-up legend.

Harry Edward Styles:

This guy is rewriting the rules of masculinity on his terms. On his first appearance on met gala 2019 he opted for a sheer Gucci top with ruffle and sleek black lace detailing paired with high waist pants and managed to break the internet with this look. His fashion sense is definitely encouraging the line between male and female clothing to be blurred even further. He’s never really been afraid to wear stereotypical feminine clothing and has been spotted wearing floral and pink blouses on multiple occasions.

Last week Styles made headlines for Vogue cover shoot, which includes styles wearing a dress and has received tons of praises for both his aesthetic sensibilities and his willingness to ignore outdated gender norms. Harry styles is for sure a trendsetter and we stan our king.

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