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“I am Nick Kleer, I am from South Africa and have been a nature guide and photographer for around 12 years or so now. I am hugely passionate about nature and started travelling around the world to try and see as many species as possible to fuel my passion. I am 33 years old and plan to carry on this career path in the hopes that I can help conserve natural areas and the species that inhabit them. I use photography and videography as a tool to help others see things they may not have the opportunity to see in their lifetimes with the hopes that I can ensure more people fall in love with nature.”@nickkleer

There is nothing better, in my opinion than being on foot, armed with nothing but a camera, with wild animals. I’ve been very fortunate to experience this with various different species across the world and let me tell you it is like a drug. You just cannot get enough. I think it’s the unspoken acceptance into their world that makes the feeling so incredible. Lying on my stomach watching these bear cubs play whilst their mother was feeding just metres away is up there with the best experiences I have ever had. Hoping for many more!!

“Magie vol, ogies toe”

The above expression is a common phrase in my homeland, South Africa. Translated this means, when your tummy is full, your eyes will close. This giant river otter experienced exactly that after eating this enormous river eel. These creatures are simply incredible to watch and catch fish better than any other fish hunting species I have ever encountered. They can eat up to 9 pounds ( 4 kilograms) of fish per day.

A bear that holds prime spot and dominance on the rivers during the salmon runs may consume around 30 fish a day. Having caught and tasted these sockeye salmon I can tell you that they are delicious and rich in nutrients. A bear has to bulk up to survive the long hibernations they endure where they will lose up to a third of their body weight. Happy fishing 

Sunday vibes.

After sitting out a breathtaking thunderstorm, the Shashes were in the mood for a bit of fun.


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