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Ali Saifaldeen – An Engineer & a Wildlife photographer

Ali Saifaldeen – An Engineer & a Wildlife photographer

Ali Saifaldeen is an engineer from Qatar and interested in wildlife photography. He has traveled to many places like the North Pole and Kenya just to capture the wildlife in their environment.

“The North Pole trip was one of my favorites. We sailed in a ship from Svalbard Island for 10 days without internet and mobile coverage. It was summer season, so the temperature was between -5 to -20 degree C. When we reached the frozen area, we started to look for polar bears and we were lucky to see around 18 of them during the trip. The polar bear in the photos came to our ship. He was curious to see what is in the ship. So, he stood up and I took this photo. They can reach to around 3 meters when they stand.”

“I Have been into 7 safari trips and every one of them is unique. Every time you will see something new and learn new things. For two year I capture the famous cheetah in Masai Mara “Malaikeh”. In this photo you can see her with two of her cubs. The cubs were playing with their mum while walking.”

“Photography teaches you patient. In the safari sometimes you have to follow a subject or stay with it for hours to get the shoot and sometimes it won’t happen. The crossing in the great migration season is one examples. We followed the wildebeests to the reiver one day and we waited for around 4 hours hoping they will cross but it did not happen, and they went back. However, when they do, it is an amazing experience which is worth waiting. Here group of them started crossing the reiver where crocodiles were waiting for them. One of them jumped not knowing what is waiting for him in the water. It was a jump of hope.”

“One of the hardest trips was the mountain gorillas’ trip in Uganda. It was only two days but was the hardest from physical point of view. As we had to walk in one of the days around 1.5 hours to reach them. The road was between the bushes and mountain, so it was difficult to move with all the camera gears. When we reached them, we were allowed only to be with them for 1 hours, so we had to take advantage of every minute. During this one hour it started to rain but this did not stop us and we kept taking photos. Going back to the camp was more difficult as it become slippery due to the rain.”

“When am not travelling, I go around my country Qatar to take photos. I focus on taking photos from different angles to show the beauty of my country to the world. In this photo you can see the old traditional wooden boats and on the background is the modern skyline buildings.”

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