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So remember how I keep on telling you, that exploring without a map is cool? Well there’s exceptions ahaha.
Take this place as an example: I was in Venice for 5 days, and in those 5 days I almost never used a map. It could have been never if it wasn’t for this place! This was the last place that I had on my list to go photograph, and until the last day I wasn’t able to find. I asked locals, I asked tourists, I asked random gondoliers, and people kept on leading me to wrong spots. So I was about to give up, when I decided to see on a map of Venice, one other location that I wanted to find, which was a cross section of canals, which ended up being my first post of Venice. I circled on the map every cross canal sections and I went exploring, mind you that I only found it in the last chance too! But it gets better! What did I find in the alley leading to that cross section? Well I found the first place that I mentioned that I wanted to find! The bookshop Aqua Alta (Sorry if I butchered the name ahah). On that alley, was the back door entrance to this place, and I only entered cause I felt that this exact corner that you see in the first shot, was interesting. Only after entering inside that door, did I realize that I had found the library that I have been looking for desperately! So the map didn’t help me directly but it helped me indirectly! And luck also played a major role in this to be fair.


If you have been here for a while you know that I tend to use a lot of white skies with high scales of highlights, but in the next 3 uploads (this one included) I’m going to break away from that mold and I’m going to let the sky affect the photos and the entire scene. Why am I doing this? Well to challenge myself and to not always do what I’m comfortable with. In this one, the sunset was too good to just ignore it, and it gave a palette of colors that really went beautifully with the colors of the houses.


And here it is, my first photo that I’m sharing taken during a rainy day! Just to mark the start of the rainy season where I live. This one shot was taken last year in Barcelona when we were surprised my summer downfalls of rain! It not only serves as a much needed refreshment from the heaps of heat, but it also gave me the perfect chance to capture the mood of the gothic area of the city! Immediately after I saw that it was starting to rain l, I headed to this district in hopes to still catch it with the rain falling and the wet rocky streets and buildings, and I was one lucky guy! This truly comes to show that in photography, you can always try to make any weather work out! In this case I wanted to capture the dark and intense mood of the Gothic district of Barcelona, and I immediately saw an opportunity to do it, due to the wet effect left by the rain on the streets.


So according to some sources (my parents), the first international trip that I had was to Paris, and I was around 12 years old. And my first trip outside of Europe was to Morocco the year after I went to Paris. I think if I’m not wrong I have been to Paris around 3 times, mostly cause of Disneyland (a place where I really wanna return to). What about you? What was your first international trip that you remember or that your sources remember?


One of the things that I love the most about the community that we have built together, is the geographic diversity of us all.
According to the data, we have in this community people from all over! From countries like Brazil, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, France, USA, Indonesia, India, Argentina, and so many more! That I’m so grateful for you all! You have taught me some sentences and words in your languages. You have showed me the beauty of all your countries. I have shared those photos in my stories with everyone, so that we could all get to know each other’s countries. You have supported me, and inspired me. We may be from different countries, but we created bonds that unite us, even when we are miles apart! So to show the diversity of us all, if you can in the end of your comment place the flag of your country, and tell me what you love the most about the place you call home!


This past week I was sent a lot of photos of pieces of artwork created based on my shots, and it was one of the best feelings that I have ever felt, since I started this community! Seeing the pieces of art that are created with inspiration on a photo that I took fills my soul with gratitude and honor! It still shocks me when my work is a source of inspiration for someone’s art. And then seeing how talented people are, fuels me even more to always offer a source of inspiration with my photos. One of my biggest goals in life was to always inspire someone, either through my actions, my words or my work, and to see that goal turn into reality by y’all’s hands just gives my passion so much meaning, and it fuels me so much! This is why I created, a long time ago, a story highlight where I keep every piece of artwork based on a shot of mine that I find, so that I can always support those who give me the honor to inspire them. Cause it’s always such an immense honor to see how people turn my photos into paintings, sketches, animations, edits, and so much more! So to those who’ve granted me such an honor, I’m forever grateful for that!

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