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Red fox in fresh snow / Norway.

Highland Cow – Søgne, Norway 2020.

Arctic Fox / Svalbard 2020
The white coat on the fox, and brown colors on the ground is indicating one thing – it’s soon winter at Svalbard. We were very lucky yesterday, that BBC Earth featured this picture (our picture) on their Instagram account, of this incredible small and almost huggable animal. 

Muskox at Dovrefjell / Norway.
These are among few mammal that survived the last ice age. They did that by seeking higher ground, to find food. Muskox has long shaky hair, that form a guard toward wind, rain and snow. In addition they have a undercoat that provide extra insulation in winter – the undercoat is among the most isolated fur in the animal kingdom. The musk ox is known to be very territorial, and will try to push any animal (incl humans) away from their territory. So these animals due need to be respected, since they can be big (+2,5 meters long, +1,4 meters heigh, weighs more than 400 kg and run 60 km/h), and have the hardest punch within the animal kingdom.

Moose calf from when the first layer of snow landed in Norway a couple of months ago.
Taken with Sony a7riv on Sony 24 GM, and Sony 200-600 G.

Eurasian Lynx – Norway 2020

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