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Chiara and Michele – A Travel Couple

Chiara and Michele – A Travel Couple

“We are Chiara and Michele, two italian content creators. We are a couple from 5 years.In July we started our journey on Instagram to be able to share our 2 passions with our community: travel and photography. We are full-time students, so we book a flight between exam’ sessions. If We want to be proof that everything is possible if you really want it!” ~ @itstimetoexplore

We are in Riomaggiore!
It still doesn’t seem real, we’ve taken it back while traveling… and we couldn’t help but start over from such a beautiful place, in our beloved Italy. Have you ever been there? If the answer is no, we strongly advise you to add it to your list and to give you the tips we will give you these days. The best of the world.

Being a couple doesn’t just mean spending time together, having someone to go to the movies or date night with. Being a couple means listening to each other, sharing, supporting each other, teaming up, taking care of each other. And there is nothing more beautiful than a kiss on the forehead of the person you love: the one who receives it feels at home, in his safe port, in his safe haven, to protect from any danger; the one who gives it instead wants to make the other person understand that he will be there, always, anyway. This is our way of being a couple and has been together for almost 5 years.

Strolling through Ulica Floriańska Via Floriańska is the oldest and most famous road on the Royal Road in Krakow that extends to Wawel Castle. There was a time here mainly the noble and high borghesia families lived and it was conducted during the coronation and burial processions of Polish monarchs. Today it’s the road that attracts tourists the most thanks to the number of places and shops, but not only.. The peculiarity is in the background while walking you can admire the high tower of the Basilica of Saint Mary Photo tips: this road is always very crowded, to be able to take a photo we recommend you to go early in the morning, fortunately, there is no need to wake up at dawn because Poles are not that early We took it around 8:30!

Rule of life: do what makes you happy. What makes us happy? Exploring the world, coming home with broken feet and a bunch of miles behind us. Always with a smile on my face and above all hand in hand. And what would you answer to this question? What makes you happy?…. I love you so much!

Merry Christmas Everyone 🌲🎁


INSTAGRAM: @itstimetoexplore

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