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RAW DOG LIFESTYLE – Creative Dog Photography

RAW DOG LIFESTYLE – Creative Dog Photography

“Hi, we are a young and always cheerful family who loves to travel at low cost and get to know everything new. We got to the dog photography through our Bejli who is a mix of malinois and border collie. We just wanted to show that a dog is a full member of the family with whom you can do anything, from lounging on the couch to travelling. Simply that a dog does not belong on a chain, as many people still perceive. We started taking photos somewhere in 2018 when we bought our first dream camera and instead of the automatic mode, we turned on the full manual. Over time, we’ve found that the more we know, the more we don’t know, and we’re still learning and trying new things.” – @rawdoglifestyle

This year we had the honour to take pictures for Handikalendar. It’s incredibly beautiful how these sweethearts enjoy life and don’t perceive their handicap at all. Who else of you knew that Chow Chow has a blue tongue? 

 We finally managed to capture Bejli as “flying” according to our ideas. There were a lot of trials and mistakes. But that’s what it is, it is necessary to try and one day it will come out. Do you have a picture that you did not manage to take for the first time?

Another photo of the series #kubajszcomvyzva
This one was also quite difficult so it was a real challenge. Try to guess the name of this topic.


 April showed us in full beauty
And our Bejli made it up in her own way. What about your dog? Does he like winter and weather changes?

Another great photoshoot with Laura and her clever friends – Cookie and Karamelka. The weather was bad as usual but it gives this photo a fairytale atmosphere. What do you think?



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