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What it feels to work during lockdown

What it feels to work during lockdown

‘Work is worship’. A saying that holds true irrespective of people. It is a saying that’s true to its very much core. Today I write what it feels like to be a fresh employee during the lockdown. It’s not what it felt like the first day at the office.

This lockdown is not just a simple time where everyone is counting the number of days passed. It is a time that is testing humans on almost every known prospect of life. Being a fresh employee, the first thing that came to my mind since the commencement of lockdown was whether our company will also lay off its employees. Luckily, our company decided not to lay off any employee and gave us unlimited work from home which had already been a company old policy. We were ensured that any of these circumstances will not affect the functioning of our company and we will continue to provide our services from remote locations. But saying that there was no issue at all would simply be an understatement.

As the most basic issue, connectivity leads to take the charge of problems faces as an employee. We had numerous training sessions that would’ve been easier if held in face-to-face mode rather than joining virtual meetings. But to my astonishment, it was actually more helpful and informative as compared to the daily office hassles. What I disliked about the Work from home culture is the thing that the breaks are not encouraged as it is assumed we are always on a break being at home. The tasks were not much different from what we have in the office and neither were the meetings. It was all a bit more efficiently executed and most of the credit goes to the companies that are working for such a flawless experience.

You get a salary payment message every month and believe me, it’s relieving. It’s nice that you are at home, you get better care, better comfort and obviously, better food. I’ve been in Noida for the last year and it actually is really nasty. So, all in all, it is a nice experience so far and is not much different in my sector.

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