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Caught in the Paradox of Growing Up !!

Caught in the Paradox of Growing Up !!

Has this thought geared in any one of your minds, or it’s just me that I muse all the time on this thought… to be called both child-like and mature indeed is a – Paradox!!!

What’s Next? This question literally leaves us in the stew of suspicion all the time. The prime question is that – Are we really ok with “Ambiguity”?? I doubt…??  Well, we are not only uncertain about this question that pops in our head at any given time or be it any situation – A good one or A bad one, If you ask me I would say yes, as it’s the best way to hold on to something and pray even harder works well most of the time with me though.

Uncertainty keeps us cognizant and indebted of our existence, in short – It keeps us Alive. Let me throw an example at you – When we don’t precisely know what’s in store or what will happen, we would go all-out to be our superlative version by not only giving our 100 per cent but much more than that, versus if we already know what the future holds we tend to get languid, smug and this will certainly act as an intrusion to appreciate nuance and surprises. Because when you maneuver and concoct, often it doesn’t turn out the way we expected it to and will result in utter disenchantment.

All that matters is above the surface that is perceptible, the part we live and that is what is incessantly molded and altered by a barrage of barebones, events, fluxes etc. So, uncertainty is categorically normal and very imperious, and all this is backed up by our foundation that is – Our family, events, edifices, social order, categorizations and so on and so forth.

The “Grown-Up Paradox” is the contest between following the rules like an adult should and flouting the rules like an adult can 😉.

In short, it’s crammed between abiding by rubrics like an adult should and flouting the rules like an adult could (Mystified) Ok, allow me to abridge it, it’s basically a thin line acting as the symmetry between being responsible as a human and enunciating ones view when desired is what makes you unique.  It’s more like a balance between being an accountable human and voicing ones opinion out loud.

As kids, we’re taught to ponder and act a certain way by following the rules with the temptation to get rewarded. Growing up is not an age-based norm, it’s more about lucidity and receptivity to comprehend camouflaged people who pretend that they are all grown and matured.

That’s true!! Following the rules is perhaps what has barred us all to die of multiple ulcers trying to organize daily chaos 😉. Knowing and understanding the rules at play in our world is essential to survive. But there’s an edge to this veracity. Because for one human who strives following the rules in place, there are millions who barely make it work. Rules are mere sweeping statements that are set to encompass a group and its mindset. But what about one’s individuality? What about the things that are inside you and that makes you – You?

Well, ok let’s delve deep into this topic. I’m not talking about you becoming a propel or living subversive with a fringe group. I’m not talking about trashing everything you’ve built so far to become a shepherd. I am talking about self-expression often known as creativity. I’m talking about you humanizing the you-thing that gives your life a unique and empowering zest. It’s not about more, it’s about being tastier 😉. Remember the first time one of your friend who willingly contravened the rules and got acclaimed for their innovative spirit? All the WTF, it’s not fair? Moments are simply irreplaceable.

But every time I quest about this, the thing that pops in my head is that, does our society, parents or the people we know and interact with allow us to be comfortable in our own skin ??… I doubt … I highly doubt … Boundaries are levied everywhere … every time … regardless of one’s age.

When young girls yap every time, she sees muliebral flecks of puberty on her skirt, she is conveniently hushed and asked to grow up and try and understand her body, then questing about it.

When was the last time you enjoyed yourself without hesitation and entertained others with that little kid that’s veiled inside an adult body? And if you did, I’m sure you were brusquely counselled to stop and were asked to behave as –You’re no longer a kid…

When you acted serious and orated in discussions, instantaneously with frowning faces responses were thrown at your face saying – It’s not a child’s play and were asked to clear-off from the discussion table.

Well .. Well … Well .. in these entire happenstances it surely leaves each one of us in a predicament of – When to be a kid and when to conduct yourself like an adult resulting in this so-called crazy ride from “Childhood to Adulthood” …

The obstinately used word when the question we ask spins them from giving you answers ..

Whenever I cavorted in mirth to serendipities gifted by strangers, my mother used to scold me to grow up and realize the world.

That moment upon watching advertisements of sanitary napkins and its use, the comeback we all got was SShhh you shouldn’t talk about this in open – Come on Grow Up.

Enquiring about the concept of contraception, and we are told to grow up and learn sensibility.

The young girl in the village yelped seeing muliebral flecks of puberty on her skirt, she was yelled at and conveniently asked to grow up and understand her body.

That moment when you fell in love with your best friend and confessed the same, you were laughed upon and asked to grow up and understand the value of friendship.

When a woman gives birth to a girl child and pampers her, she is scolded my husband and asked to grow up and abandon the child.

These assorted messages are mystifying – The temptation is to follow the rules even when they don’t make sense.

Because – It’s time to Loosen Up ❤

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