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We all have our reasons Afterall; Right to Privacy

We all have our reasons Afterall; Right to Privacy

He is just like an open book and he is like this shy little tortoise inside his shell. Whatever you are, it’s your life’s choices. We all are born different in this world so why to be all same. But you know there are some things in the cosmos which is common for all of us or at least we all connect to that part of the cosmos the same. Or if not the same it is much needed when to live fully.

Right to privacy. It’s not like I’m declaring my policy and Law here. But it is something which we all want in life whether you call yourself an open book or that tortoise thingy I called you. But at some point, you have some things which you want to be limited, not just limited but only within you. It’s like taking it together, bracketing it, and keep it inside you; that kinda private. 

Or it doesn’t mean what you try to keep within you is always crime or some world’s bad thing. Sometimes you know that others can’t decode it as you do. You see something from your eyes and you know it’s beauty and value and if maybe someone else will see it, they won’t value it or if not be valued, they just don’t get it. After all, we all are living our life by our own rules and thoughts. And in one previous article where I wrote up about “Black book”, the whole article was a way of saying “it’s okay to keep things, and you are allowed.”

But that’s not the case here. We like to keep things within us but how many of you gossip and tell other people about the things they ain’t comfortable sharing? Well I know some of you just blinked because you do like to interrupt other privacies whether it’s direct or indirect. You like to know a person to that extent that sometimes you do stupid things like checking on their backs! Which is worse!

Trust issues? Insecurity? You can term this anything but simply by this you are the one which breaks the trust and moreover, for the ultimate truth which you just don’t know even exist, you are stressing your brain and heart out. Whether they are your friends or family. They have every right to have their own space which they like to keep private. And for the sake of respect and love you should not try to interrupt their privacy. 

The same goes for any relationship, trust is made only when you allow the person that you respect them irrespective of things under their sleeves. Because let’s be honest, we ain’t some ideal saint who never did anything stupid and lied. And as I said earlier it’s not about mistakes either it’s about somethings that are always under our sleeves. But you have to trust the person the way they are showing only then that person will realize the value of that particular freedom. We all gotta learn to respect one’s privacy in short.

Let the pigeon fly, he will always find the way back home if he wants too!

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Aanchal Sharma

PG student at IIRS,ISRO Dehradun | Space Enthusiast | Engineer | Writer | Sci-fi fan

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