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We spill our blood, spill our tears, spill our sweat,
Bro add some weight, add a plate, we gonna kill each set.
You gonna put in hard work, You gonna hit with fuckin force,
train like it’s your last breath, train like your a fuckin horse.
Yes, of course, hard work pay,
just stay focused every day.
with your will or any way.
Hustle harder to be better than you were yesterday,
consistency is the way.

Consistency is the key,
I’m gonna work like a bull, my competition is me.
You can see me die,
you can see me cry,
cry when I try, but when I try,
I aim high.
Its either climbing hilltop or its squeezing dumbbell fly.
Just ask yourself why have you started, what you want and what you gonna make,
then put in everything and whatever it takes.
Just stay focused, don’t forget,
you have to spill your blood, spill your tears, and spill your sweat,

Hey bro, I know you had a heartbreak, though,
by staying low wid no hope, what you wanna show,
just ask yourself, is that how you wanna let your life go,
just throw away your bloody past, you gotta change ur flow,
wake urself up with an aim, that I wanna grow,
with some early morning cardio and evening session barbell row,
Stick to diet and do a riot with a crazy mindset,
keep up focus, be patient, what you wanted, you will get,
You gotta spill your blood, spill your tears,
you gotta spill your SWEAT.

Come with me I’ll show how the wars take place,
day and night, we do fight with the challenges we face.
The boys don’t quit, they just hit the heavy dumbbell presses,
by taking pre-workout, they scream like a lion and relieving all the stresses.
And all the asses standing close, find us as a threat,
you gotta spill your blood, spill your tears, and gotta spill your sweat.





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About The Author

Ashutosh Pathak

||Heavy|| ||Humble|| ||High|| Blessed and still breathing, Making up rhymes Rolling good times Workouts, write-ups n trips

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