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SIMONE LAURANT – 8 years old model and actress from USA

SIMONE LAURANT – 8 years old model and actress from USA

Simone Laurant is an experienced model and actress from San Francisco, CA. ​​In 2017 at the age of 4, Simone began her career. In just a few years, she has worked for some of the largest global retailers, brands and technology companies on the planet.  Simone is most known for voicing LeapFrog’s AlphaPup toy. She is also the Founder of the Say Cheese Crew. SCC members have volunteered in their communities, raised awareness and thousands of dollars for terminal diseases. 

Here is Simone Laurant in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1. How did your journey begin?

Simone began her career at the age of 4 and her first job was for Pottery Barn Kids.  

2. Who has been your inspiration? 

Simone’s inspiration has been her Mom.  She strives to make her parents proud and to inspire others through her actions.  She’s also inspired by those that support her without motivation.

3. Which has been your most memorable performance?

Simone recently shot a commercial for the Winter Olympics where she’ll be playing a mini Mikaela Shiffrin.  It’s the most memorable because there was a wind machine, a fire and snow machines. She traveled to LA to shoot which was a nice memory in itself.

4. How did you secure partnerships with such huge companies? 

Simone started modeling and acting by working with talent agencies in San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles.  She’s worked for companies like Lego, Google, Amazon, Genentech, Pottery Barn, Xfinity, LL Bean, Klutz, and others. Once she started getting a following on Instagram we built a media kit for her which includes sample work, partnership options, and pricing.  Many brands will reach out via Simone’s website or directly on IG. 

5. How do you manage your studies?

Simone prioritizes schoolwork over modeling or acting. If she feels she’s falling behind in school she will take a break for a bit to catch up.  Set teachers help her with the day’s classwork and homework when she’s on set which isn’t extremely often but often enough for her to fall behind if she isn’t diligent. 

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Simone wants to be a brain surgeon when she grows up.  She’ll be in 8th grade in 5 years preparing for high school.  She’d like to continue to act in commercials and eventually get her break in film.  

7. How was your life in quarantine? 

Life in quarantine was unique. We quarantined in Taiwan in a hotel room as a family for 15 days across Christmas and New Years’ holidays. Simone has done Zoom interviews, virtual callbacks, and Covid restricted shoots. Life has been great because she’s been healthy and blessed to continue to work. 


INSTAGRAM: @simonelaurant

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