“I stepped out of my home after 10th grade for better education but I was unaware of the fact that I would starve for good quality food for years to come. This seems to be a story of every girl/guy who takes admission to a renowned institute leaving behind Mother’s cooked food. After the education was over, I was working for Times of India as a Manager for North India with a life-sustaining package. My high expenditures compelled me to start cooking and there in the office, everybody started praising the delicious delicacies which I used to cook.

I then decided to quit my job and start my Food business with an honest endeavor to provide healthy and hygienic food to people. After convincing my parents, I came up with ‘Roti Rap’ which has now been transformed into ‘Parantha 24*7’ and already has 2 outlets in the Tricity. Belonging to a service class family, It was quite challenging for me to start-up a new business but with the passion to come up with something beneficial in the society, I made it possible!” Says 29 years old Nipun Jain who has now 14 employees under him. His cheapest complete meals in the form of Parathas (Flatbreads) are the result of his clear and genuine intentions. I am not on any social Platform with my outlet’s name as my customer base is already blooming!

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