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These are the two famous names from our ancient literature and mythology. And I’m sure we are all aware of the strong bond of friendship they used to share because as an Indian we have been drinking the stories of Mahabharata since our childhood, whether because of NCERT’s chapters or those “Nani ki kahaniya”. But still, I will give you a little introduction to them.

These two names are very famous and many ancient kinds of literature talk about them and they had some intense and main roles/parts in Mahabharata; the great Armageddon between Pandavas and Kauravas. Duryodhana was Kaurava and Karan was the half-brother of Pandavas but Karan had a story.

He was the son of Kunti, mother of Pandavas and Surya, the Sun god. But Kunti abandoned him as a child, a charioteer raised him. He met Duryodhana on some graduation day of all the Pandavas and Kauravas where they had to prove their skills. Unaware of the fact that Karan is a royal blood, Karan challenged Arjuna (Pandava) which made Drona (the teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas) angry and he humiliated Karan that he can’t participate as it is for royal blood only.

Then Duryodhana helped Karan and made him king of Anga and in return, Karan promised Duryodhana his friendship for a lifetime as it was such a great gesture by Duryodhana.

And we all know when Armageddon happened, Karan fought from Kauravas’ side irrespective of the fact that by this he is willingly fighting against his own brothers; Pandavas. Karan was always a noble person and his thoughts were always so pure. He made a promise of friendship with Duryodhana and it was the time when Duryodhana really needed a friend.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

That’s what friendship is for. Isn’t it? When you can count on someone in your dark times. We always listen that “Blood is thicker than water” and we can’t doubt that family is something you hold on forever but friendship is no less it’s like choosing a family member not by sharing the blood but by choice and by committing.

And actions always speak louder than words that’s what happened here. Karan made some serious promises with Duryodhana and he proved it. That promise of friendship wasn’t just mere words, he meant that day and he proved it too.

Just like every bond, it’s all about giving and receiving. The bond between these two legends were so strong, we can say even thicker than blood. When the Armageddon (Mahabharata) was happening, Duryodhana didn’t stop the fight not even when all of his other 99 brothers were killed. But surprisingly he showed the white flag when Karan died. One can say that even the Duryodhana himself one of the most powerful souls existed had no strength to bear the pain of his friend’s death. The bond is so strong that his ultimate aim to win the Armageddon was nothing in front of Karan’s life.

Even in one scene of Mahabharata, when Karan died. It was a question now that who will set the fire on him(Karan) as he was the half-brother of Pandavas by birth so as a ritual it was the duty of other Pandavas to do this, to set the fire and to set his soul free. But Lord Krishna refused this fact and said the only person who deservesp+ to set fire is only Duryodhana. Even Lord Krishna acknowledged the bond between Karan and Duryodhana.

Friendship even greater than any blood relation; that was the bond Karan and Duryodhana used to share.

We came to this world alone and we all wish to be surrounded by our loved ones when we will be on our deathbed. Life is all about making connections, relationships and promises. No doubt we can live alone in some isolation with no human contact too and we only need some oxygen and fluids but that won’t be as joyful and happy than surrounded by wonderful people you can call friends.

Friends you can count on. Friends you can laugh with. Friends you can cry with. Friends you can share with. Friends you can fight with. Friends, you admire the most. Maybe only by this, you can taste the joy of living. Because in the end we all gonna die for sure but meanwhile a support and some giggles won’t let you down.

 We all have our own Armageddons to fight, having a friend by our side won’t be a harm after all.

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