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The craze for cricket in Kashmir

The craze for cricket in Kashmir

Cricket is the second most popular and second most-watched game in the world and the first popular sport in the Asia continent.

In our UT Jammu and Kashmir, this game has also gained very much fame and popularity among all the peoples of Jammu and Kashmir. All the boys, as well as girls of different ages, play the game at various places in the streets, on the roads, in the fields of rice and also in grounds, etc. showing their skills and talent. In rural areas as well as in urban areas boys are found playing cricket and making noise.

Playing cricket with the broken types of equipment and managing those broken items is also a technique that Kashmiris’ call ‘Jugad’. Well, it is a different kind of craze seen in Kashmir among the Kashmiri people. Making wickets of stones, wood using sticks of different trees.

Some of them have the best skills and some are playing it because of zest and passion but unfortunately are lacking talent. Little cute boys, adult boys, and old men are also playing cricket in Kashmir without any age limit. And the noise while playing is also terrific and is an attraction that attracts you to watch or have a glimpse of the game and many people in Kashmir are those who love watching more than playing because it gives them immense pleasure to watch the game.

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Nasir Roshan Khan

Author of book titled Heal The Humanity ,11th class student, Founder of"Jannat de Jugnu". From Baramulla Kashmir

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