I have survived to the best of my capabilities and strength.. to prove the society wrong. It has been 20 years without your dad. I can still see you, feel you. Your absence made me believe in your presence inside me. And you know what.. that is how I have succeeded and survived in this society and world. Phoenix is what I relate myself to, I feel like I have been born again from my ashes that were once by society. Now my life is all perfect in this imperfect world. However, a smile is what keeps me going. Dad left us in shambles and tore us apart. No father, no money, no respect, no love, no nice clothes, no outings, no fancy schooling… He gave me a life full of never-ending dejections and sufferings.

I have seen a hatred for me in the eyes of my so-called family and friends. I have experienced bullying and backlash from society. I remember crying on petty issues, just to take out my frustration in some way. I was looked down upon.No-one knows what I have gone through. No-one knows what is going on in my life. No-one knows about my failures and achievements. So, why do they judge me? I don’t think I can move ahead in my life if things remain the same. I need clarity on the thoughts that are pulling me down. They are not allowing me to project myself the way I wish to. As it is said, life goes on…

And yes, my life has changed for good. I am trying to fulfill his dream with a smiling face and emotions intact.

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