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Choose yourself over everything!

Choose yourself over everything!

There is so much going around in the world and much more in brain. Since last few days we all are fighting internally and no one can deny that social media has been one of the reasons to impact our brain!

I think we all are sailing on the same boat, agreed? It’s like I am privileged to be happy so I have to show off but for someone, it is just to upload it but for someone, it can be like touching the recent scars they have! but it’s not your fault nor mine! maybe we all are just born with it! This movement can be bad for someone right now but what can we do, just think about it!
so we all here fighting together with the internal battles with ourselves! so recognize your value, make peace within you, until you can save the world but save yourself first!

Facing a havoc in your head ? cut of the media and phone for sometime! there are thousands of thoughts floating around, and maybe some of them are not eve for you , still you read it and wonder about them! so don’t fight over it much ! 
include read, write, paint, watch films, create, draw, learn a language or even sit ideal ! it totally okay, 
the biggest leaning is to come out from this phase, the only thing that really matters is to keep your soul happy! every sadness is temporary and happiness is permanent but please don’t make it a illusion! even if you feel numb then also it’s totally okay!

“Finally, connect with your heart, With people ,With your surroundings. Poetically, you take so many breaths without even realizing you’re taking those. Realize. Be self-centered, and for the time being, don’t worry if you end up on the other side of it- in fact you maybe called Selfish, then too.

You may have connected things. You may have found this completely ridiculous. But it’s okay. Light that candle if you feel like- for some time, you decide your happy and your ridiculous.

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Kruti Trivedi

Kruti Trivedi from Ahmedabad. Perusing computer engineering as career But a writer by heart ! She belongs to miracle believers in the world of practical ones!

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