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TRAVELLING POST QUARANTINE – 6 countries that will reportedly pay for your visit

TRAVELLING POST QUARANTINE – 6 countries that will reportedly pay for your visit

Just when you thought you’d never stand in long lines with fellow holidaymakers, having your passport checked and stamped, this sense of not being a threat to any country you’re finally visiting sure is thrilling. Unfortunately, most countries are still under lockdowns or have some sort of travel restrictions. It’s been over a year already and most people are craving long vacation or a getaway. 

Globally, travel and tourisms direct contribution to GDP was approximately 2.9 trillion dollars. Amidst the covid situation these figures have gone down massively. To make up for the lost economy, holiday destinations are now paying the tourists to make a visit to their country. The initiative is a bid to lure tourists.

As per the news, here are six countries that will reportedly pay for your visits.


Ever since 2018, Japan attracted 31.19 million international tourists. The 2017 travel and tourism competitiveness ranked Japan 4th out of 141 countries overall, being highest in Asia. Japan is covering a portion of travel expenses by offering discounts and vouchers to encourage tourism. Bookings made through Japanese agencies directly links to the hotels and inns which enables the subsidiaries.


Italy was one of the most affected countries during the pandemic wave. Luckily the country managed to bring down the number of cases opening the gates for travel. Regardless of the necessary restrictions, the country welcomes you to experience Italy’s finest destinations. Sicily is offering to reimburse 50% of the tourist’s airfare, plus a free night of accommodation. Moreover, tourists can visit museums and tourist destinations for free!


Tourism contributes heavily to Bulgaria’s economy. The country is rich in tourist sites spread throughout an easy accessible territory. Bulgaria’s main attraction are the beaches and the winter resorts which can now be easily availed free of cost. The country is offering free entries to some of its beaches that would normally charge. Tourists can check out the private beaches for free. To add more, they’re even offering  free sun beds, sun loungers and even beach tables to make it a cheaper tourist deal to revive the country’s tourism.


This country has a rather appealing offer to attract the tourists heavily. The country announced if the virus infects any of the tourists during the visit their accommodation, food and medication will be taken care of by the government. A covid 19 traveller declaration is still required in case, The visitors would further need to show a testing certificate along with the requirement of using a mask at all times.


The United Kingdom, being the world’s 10th biggest tourist destination with over 37 million visitors every year. Britain was badly affected by the pandemic but fortunately, it’s back to its travel spirits. To boost up the economy the country proposed to pay for your airfare if you’re planning a visit. The plan is to keep a portion of funds that would be paid to some of the visitors planning to fly to UK.


Mexico is always stuffed with visitors as it’s known for its lively environment.  But as the pandemic struck the whole world the place had never been so deserted before.  To buck up their tourism, the country came up with an initiative called ‘come to Cancun’, which talks into a deal that offers a free night at the hotel if you book for two. You pay for two night and the third one is on the house. Moreover, they also announced to cover for your airfare if you travel via the partnered ones. It can’t get any better than this so as soon as things get better in your country, pack your bags and get aboard!

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