“The essence of our very identity.”

Characterizing family can be an extreme thing as “family” alone is a ground-breaking word that invokes various implications and feelings. How can one put words to all that characterize how they feel with regards to what family is? Periodically individuals will say a family incorporates a mother, father, and kids all living respectively under one rooftop. Some may state a family can be whatever includes love.

Webster’s word reference characterizes family as “a gathering comprising of guardians and youngsters living respectively in a family.” This definition is a decent beginning stage when attempting to characterize what family comprises of, anyway, there are current definitions that rethink what family is today. However, do these definitions characterize what family intends to you? What rings a bell when you consider what family implies?


Regardless of whether it is a mother and father together, a single parent or father with kids, or potentially your companions that help to make up for the shortfall that your natural family couldn’t satisfy, the word family is an amazing word. These are individuals that encompass you with care, concern, and love. These are the people who see you, who understand what you are going through, and through it all, they stand by your side loving you through life.

Yet, imagine a scenario where you don’t feel these warm emotions from your biological family or you don’t have that kind of connection with your family. Where do you find that connection, love, uphold?

Numerous individuals today are utilizing the expressions, “My companions are my tribe”, or “They are my sort of individuals” when depicting cozy connections that vibe like family. Once in a while, our group of sources can’t address the issues we so want and that is the place our “clan” comes in. People can often feel more closely understood by a family that they have chosen rather than the one they were born into.


Family isn’t always being related by blood or even being related at all. Family can be your place of worship, your friends, your close co-workers who have now become dear friends, etc. Also, don’t forget about your relationship with God.  So whether the family is with the family you were born into, adopted into, loved into, or you have chosen, the word “family” alone has significant and special meaning. They can evoke feelings of belonging, connectedness, love, respect, and support. As Michelle Blessing states, “Whether made of blood relatives, friends, or pets or a combination of these, your family can offer you the support you need to thrive.”

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