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Redmi Earbuds S review: Here is everything about them.

Redmi Earbuds S review: Here is everything about them.

Xiaomi is always surprising the Indian market with the best budget and premium tech products. Xiaomi’s MI series delivers the premium products and the Redmi series focuses on the budget products (best in their price range). Redmi has made its reputation in smartphone segment and now it’s trying to target the audio accessory market. Redmi has introduced truly wireless earphones under the price range of rs 2000 (actual price is rs1799).


Earbuds :

Net weight: Approx. 4.1 g

Wireless range: 10m (in an obstacle-free environment)

Battery capacity : 43 mAh (per earbud)

Charging time:  Approx 1.5h

Music playback time: Approx 4h (earbuds only)

                                       Approx 12h (with case)

Standby time : approx. 150h

Input: 5v 100 mA

Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0

IPX rating : IPX4 (earbuds only)

Charging case:

Input : 5V 500 mA

Output: 5V 150 mA

Charging time : Approx. 2h

Battery capacity : 300 mAh



When you hear the word truly wireless, the first question that arises is “will the earphones fit well in your ears?” This is a very critical problem because during outdoor activities or any running activities,  there’s consistently a dread factor that keeps you reminding to check whether you have dropped any earbuds that you are utilizing.

Well, the Redmi Earbuds S has been designed to fit almost any ear size perfectly. They have build the product with a unique wear and lock design that ensure it doesn’t slip out while moving, which means you can most certainly use it in gym or for running.

Speaking of gym, these earbuds are sweat resistant and splash resistant.

The Redmi Earbuds S has the lightweight design which ensures that you don’t feel fatigued after the continuous use of earbuds.

Also the charging case has quite sleek design with minimum dimensions. It can even fit in your jeans pocket quite easily. The matte black finish feels classy ( on both case and earbuds) and gives a premium feeling from a distance. But feels like plastic when in-hand because of matte finish.


Earbuds come with a black matte finish, along with silicon earbuds which helps the earbuds to fit well in ears and delivers a good music quality by reducing the outside noise.

Earbuds provide various gestures to control the device actions by tapping on the surface of earbuds. You can navigate through music, Play/pause the music, pick/hang the calls, change volume, and most importantly access the voice assistant.

Image Credit: Redmi


Case comes with black matte finish and has magnetic effect to attach earbuds into slots easily which is quite impressive for true wireless earphones of this price range.

But the case comes with a micro USB charging port which is quite disappointing but wait the worst is yet to come. Redmi doesn’t even provide a micro USB cable to charge the case.



Redmi earbuds S pairs almost instantly. Pairing these earbuds is so simple which other budget wireless earphones struggles to achieve.

Also, when you take earbuds out of the case they automatically connects to the device and when you put them back they disconnects automatically and which is quite an amazing feature for this price range.


The main reason to buy earphone, the sound quality and it’s pretty amazing actually. I’m actually impressed by the sound quality it delivers. Most certainly, it will not match any of the flagship wired earphones (they are budget true wireless earphones after all). But the vocals are pretty good. Bass is a little loose but not that bad. Treble can be ear tearing for some people but it works fine for me. If you find treble too much then just reduce the volume a little.


For me, they are more like for professional and less for music lovers. Good for watching movies, playing games, listening to podcasts, attending calls online and on cellular network as well. They are pretty good for music too but they will give you a budget feel.

If you are on a budget and looking for true wireless earphones then Redmi earbud S is a good option.

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