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The Tale of an Idea: Deciphering Data with Fiction and Technology with Devang Shah

The Tale of an Idea: Deciphering Data with Fiction and Technology with Devang Shah

Devang Shah, the speaker of the technologically charged TEDx Talk titled “The Tale of an Idea: Deciphering Data with Fiction and Technology” answers questions around creating this first-of-its-kind experience for the audience. He instrumentalizes  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to tell a fictional story from real-world data. He gives a glimpse into what the future of storytelling can look like when it moves beyond “just videos”. To quote him, “There is beauty in complexity.” 

He is thrilled by the potential of storytelling in both the fictional and non-fictional worlds and the blurring lines between them. He delivered his latest project on the stage of TEDx this March, where he used geospatial technology to bring these worlds closer than ever.

Here is Devang Shah in a conversation about Deciphering the data with fiction and technology with GOGO Magazine.

Devang’s penchant for exploring different mediums of storytelling has given him a unique set of experiences. He started his journey as a journalist and documentary filmmaker for one of the oldest English newspapers of Kashmir valley (part of Indian UT of Jammu & Kashmir), called Kashmir Observer. His work then took him to Ghana where he worked as a broadcast journalist for a national media house called Metro TV. Among his many works, he is most proud of producing a first-of-its-kind special report on the LGBTQ+ community of Ghana, which was broadcasted nationally. This report was created in response to the uproar in homophobia prevalent in the country. He has also served at the Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG), as a Monitor for the Parliament of South Africa, Cape Town. In his time at the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, he has taken a deep dive into different international policies and innovative mediums to explore them. He spent the first half of the last summer on a fellowship with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Ethiopia and the second half working for Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmakers at Transform Films in New York City.

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