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Every year we celebrate pride month on June to honour the equal justice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community. It started during the year 1969 when police raided the stonewall inn, a gay club in Manhattan which made many people come to the street for the rights of LGBTQ people.

In India we all know how difficult it has always been for LGBTQ people to get recognized, they have for years stayed hidden from the outside world who had always judged them to be mentally sick or not fit for society. We still have people with such thoughts in the society, but with the coming of changes and people fighting for it, we now have very proudly removed section 377 in 2009 regarding it as outdated and accepting consensual sex between the same genders.

It was in itself a great success for all these people who have always been kept under the veil of judgements of society.

The word pride was used to honor these people and their love, as the stigma attached to them has always been shame and guilt, this word very beautifully portrays them and their acceptance towards each other.

Pride marches started in India a long time back and now most of India’s state happily celebrates pride month and comes to the street to celebrate their love for each other on the pride month.

Love has no boundaries, we have always known this and accepted it then why do we and from where do we get to discriminate the people who love someone from the same gender and call them mentally not well.

We are proud of all those who are brave enough to accept their identity and are helping others with it, you have no boundaries when it comes to love so a society or anyone cannot be bias to you because of your identity. Your love is beautiful and full of rainbows.

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