Millions of moments, hundreds of friends. Countless sleepovers and night outs. Surrounded by people who you genuinely love, people who genuinely love you back, still, there’s this feeling of loneliness latched onto you, that won’t just go.

Nothing is wrong, but nothing feels too good too. And honestly, that’s one of the worst things one can ever experience. You have no explanation, no reason as to why and how do you feel. It’s just a pit you sink into, a little bit, every day.

You laugh because you ought to laugh, not because you genuinely want to. It isn’t wholesome. And you can’t help but wonder what went wrong. As human as it is, you just tend to push it under the rug and go seek happiness in people. Some comfort!

But what you fail to take in is that you cannot find peace outside when it’s chaotic and mayhem inside. Temporary comfort, temporary getaways; the escapes are just not permanent.

You got to embrace this loneliness. Know that it will pass. That brighter days are ahead, days filled with genuine laughter, passion and wholesome love. Days when you laugh as it is the simplest thing you can ever do, you run free and wild. Days which you would trade the whole world for, days you would never want to end.

Always remember that life is nothing but a collection of a million moments, a million emotions. There’ll be good moments and bad ones. Sometimes you’ll feel that the sadness which has held you shall never let go of you. On those days, especially on those days, I want you to remember that it all will pass. You have made it through everything before, you will make through everything again. You just need to find that one moment out of those millions which you can make your own. In which you shine. Over and over again!

Trust the process.