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MUSKAAN KUMBHAT – International Excellence Award: Best Pro Makeup Artist- Rajasthan ‘19 | Women’s Recognition Award ‘19

MUSKAAN KUMBHAT – International Excellence Award: Best Pro Makeup Artist- Rajasthan ‘19 | Women’s Recognition Award ‘19

International excellence award winner for the best professional makeup artist in Rajasthan, Patrika women’s recognition award winner. She has also been featured as one of the 15 most powerful 20 somethings of Rajasthan by a leading blog. Have done makeup for Nargis Fakhri, YRF films, magazines like Bazaar and Bride’s Today & 1000+ Bride’s in the last 3 years.


Trained in fine arts under artists:
Subhroto Gangopadhyay
Sunanda Sanyal
Manas Kamal Biswas


Marketing and Communications & Fashion Styling from the London College of Fashion: University of the Arts London.
Then at Makeup Forever academy Singapore. She was the only Indian to get a term waiver scholarship at Central Saint Martins: University of the Arts London in 2015.

In MGD in 11th standard, she scored 97% in Commercial Arts & got awarded a certificate of merit. 98% in commercial arts in 12 standard CBSE board examinations and got awarded a certificate of merit.

Here is Muskaan Kumbhat in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did you begin your journey?

I don’t think I can put a start point to my journey as such but to put it in a nutshell, I think my tryst with destiny started from the time I began holding brushes in my hand. Earlier to simply paint and later to paint faces.

2) How do you keep yourself abreast of the latest beauty trends?

Ans. I believe one’s knowledge should never stagnate. I persistently try and keep educating myself about new trends new products new formulas etc. Makeup techniques like any other, become obsolete after a point. And you have to be able to upgrade and transition with time. And while you study new techniques it is important to 1st understand your own style…and once you’ve zeroed down on that, you can begin to incorporate the various ongoing trends and make them your own.

3) Which celebrity’s makeup routine do you relate to the most and why?

Ans. I think Miranda Ker and Kendall Jenner.
I guess I’m a minimalist. And personally, my own everyday makeup routine is very similar to these two celebrities.
Also, I guess the fact that I’m always in a rush- has a major role to play in why I like a fuss-free 20-second makeup routine. Haha!

4) If we ask you to only use 4 makeup products for the rest of your life what would you pick?

Okay, I think they would be –
• a lightweight foundation or a bb cream
• a rose pink lipstick (because I can also use that as a blush)
• eyeliner
• highlighter

That’s also everything I’ve ever invested in for my own makeup kit! Your fav makeup trend of all times.

5) Where do you see yourself in another 3 years?

I guess with around 15 berkins in my closet, to say the least. And maybe multiple beauty academies in multiple cities.

6) Which is your favorite makeup trend of all times.

There’s two actually!
the no-makeup – makeup look, and the use of a rosy-peachy blush on the nose and cheeks for like a flushed pink look.What do you suggest makeup artists to keep in mind before kickstarting a career in makeup?

7) What do you suggest makeup artists to keep in mind before kickstarting a career in makeup?

I think something really important to notice for anyone who wants to start out as a makeup artist is the fact that makeup is NOT an “easy career option” I mean if you think you can opt for something like this because it seems easy or one may think there’s less education involved. Because that’s really not true. You have to be willing to dedicate every inch of your fibre to anything you pick as a career. And the same holds true for makeup.

8) How was life in quarantine?

Quarantine has been a nightmare because I’m used to being extremely busy and the lockdown situation hasn’t allowed that too much to be honest.
But luckily I’ve been busy with the construction and conception of my new studio and academy and it has been so satisfyingly challenging and consuming.
My husband has been extremely supportive and helpful and i guess that made this period so much more tolerable.


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