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SHAIDEN VALENTINE – An entrepreneur and a Nomad who had been to 57 Countries by living the van life

SHAIDEN VALENTINE – An entrepreneur and a Nomad who had been to 57 Countries by living the van life

Shaiden Valentine is an entrepreneur and a nomad who has been traveling the world since 16 years of age. He never went to college and neither did he graduate high school. He has started multiple businesses now. He loves skydiving, living life in a van, and coming up with new business ideas. Currently, he is working on wrapping up his van-building career and transitioning into off-grid modern sustainable modern communities.

Here is Shaiden Valentine in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as a Travel Influencer begin?

My journey as a travel influencer began with backpacking the world and flying in first class flights. I have these amazing flight tickets because my mother is a flight attendant so I started exploring the world for few years and gave 8 years of my life in backpacking endlessly.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

In travel, people like Same Kolder, @everchanginghorizon , @chelseakauai have inspired me alot. All of them are friends with me now. These people have just gone out there and lived lives on their own terms. These people have really helped me get out of my comfort zone.

3) When did you finally realize to go on a forever vacation?

I guess I just hit a point where I just continued travelling all the time and I just never stopped travelling. I continuously travelled nonstop all this time a lot and I continued building vans and decided to stay nomadic for the rest of my life.

4) What do you prefer? Travelling alone or with a group?

I definitely prefer travelling alone. But I would suggest that it’s 60% alone and 40% travelling in groups, I still love travelling with friends but I think the flexibility comes with travelling alone.

5) What is the one most beautiful thing about being a full-time traveller?

The most beautiful thing about being a full-time traveller is that the fact that you aren’t attached to surroundings, friend groups or routines. You are just attached to yourself the whole time and it is a very beautiful and independent feeling.

6) Suggest three best destinations in for travelling solo.

Probably Bali is tough one to beat. I love Bali so much. And obviously in Europe, the backpacking scene in Europe is amazing, I mean I can be anywhere in Greece and Switzerland. And the other one could be South East Asia, it is just breeding ground for social connections and it will be amazing to be alone there.

7) Tell us something about your companies.

The companies that I run are Tricked Out Vans which is a custom van conversion company where we build custom vans and just sell them off. So there are just high end van conversions. My other company is The Van Conversion Course which is an online course that teaches people how to build Vans and now we have over 100 people who have build vans on their own. I am also working on a company called Oasis co-living which is basically creating off grid Ethiopian community people to be able to lease tiny housing on monthly basis. This is the project I am currently working on and I am finding some land to start the first one.

8) How did you end up being a nomad?

Being a nomad since 16, I have loved it. But it is a process that gradually develops over the years and you lead into a lifestyle then.

9) Suggest three tips for the young travel blogger.

I would say try to be authentic and genuine. Don’t try to copy what the people have done, one has to come with something unique because copied things are not noble and it doesn’t lead you anywhere because noble things get you successful as a travel blogger. Also, just have fun and do not attach yourself with only creating content. Make sure you enjoy your life.

10) How was life in quarantine?

Honestly not bad. I went from travelling full time to basically slow down a little bit and gave me an opportunity to start these companies and start a passive income. so I am pretty thankful for last year but it was definitely difficult to say no to some good trips and feel like I am not allowed to go to certain places but ultimately I am feeling a little bit more free now than before because now I have a passive income.


INSTAGRAM: @shaiden

YOUTUBE : Tricked Out Vans


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