Q. What does your artwork represent?

Believe it or not every time I wanna create a new artwork I just trust my feelings. I always imagine a world with no destructive emotions or inequality and I always try to trust what I feel inside me and It shows me the way . Anytime I pick up my pencils and stuff I want to tell the world never give up for what you think you are enthusiastic about.

Q. What inspires you?

When I see others can understand what I’m trying to show Its the best feeling ever after. In my view, an ideal portrait is which can tell you all the story only by looking at Its eyes.

Q.What does your art mean to you?

Well at first, the only one who cared about my art was just me! I’m truly happy that I can tell you today everyone knows me by my art characteristic. So it’s simple. To me, art is the first and last priority.

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