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Q. What does your artwork represent?

At the moment I mostly paint sea. I painted different subjects – portraits and people, still life, cities, landscapes of a bride variety. At the end I realized, that nature is the thing that fascinates me most. With my artwork try to set an accent on smaller things and details, that are often as beautiful as the big picture. It’s what I’m doing on my real life – I try to notice some beauty and harmony in every detail and moment – whether I’m on a vacation on some paradise island or go to work at 7 am. You just have to look, and then you start to see little bright flowers high up in rocky mountains or shimmering clouds after a hard day or incredible colours of the sea waves. It’s what I try to show with my art to the others. I’m don’t concentrate on the very small things, but rather want to show smaller parts of the big picture.
And also, there are emotions – some are mine that just needed to be processed, and the others I want to share with the viewer.

Q. What inspires you?

 I’m inspired mostly by the nature – what I see. But it’s not just passive observing, but also a logical analysis of what I see and of how the things work that inspire me.
There are also a lot of other artists that are keeping me moving and evolving – they are a great example for me.

Q. What does your art mean to you?

My art started over 20 years ago as a hobby. There was some time, I thought to develop it to a profession. But I’ve made a different decision. The art stayed anyway a part of my life, I developed my skills and now I have also enough time for doing more art. Painting is a way to meditate, a way to process my emotions, I way to create more beauty into this world and to make the viewer feel the happiness I do.

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