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Al Bireh – @visionsofsamad

Al Bireh – @visionsofsamad

This painting represents a village in my home country of Palestine. I was inspired to paint this after a client requested a painting of a village from our country. So I chose to do his village called Al Bireh. To me, this painting means many things. It means culture, heritage, nationalism. But most of all it means perseverance and gratitude. My people of Palestine have suffered through many hardships over the last 100 years and this painting is motivation and reminder to all that our presence will long live and prosper.


This painting represents the large boulder and cliff rocks off the coast of Beirut in the country of Lebanon. I was inspired to create this painting for a friend after the massive and deadly explosion that impacted the city of Beirut. This painting means many things to me such as hope, serenity, and nationalism. The blast killed many, wounded thousands, and displaced 100s of thousands from their homes. This painting is dedicated to all those in Beirut and in Lebanon who were affected by the blast


It represents a beach at sunset, a sanctuary, or a safe place for some. I was inspired to create this after playing a video game I loved called kingdom hearts, the game features a warm and loving story of a boy who loses everything and must journey to search for what is left. This piece means that things will be ok in life, no matter how bad they become, or how tough circumstances are, there will always be a new day.

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