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Alvin Davis is a resident of Pune, Maharashtra and is 25 years old. He is very passionate about football and fitness as well. Alvin Davis is in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey begin?

During school, I used to watch seniors play that got me curious abt the game, and then after acquiring some more knowledge of the game I fell in love with the beautiful game, there is a reason y it is called the most beautiful sport on the planet.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

My elder brother used to have a collection of football videos of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Kaka and these guys did magic with the ball at their feet, that’s how I tried learning some moves from these videos practicing them individually and then the thought of doing such moves in an official match used to give me goosebumps and from then Cristiano Ronaldo has always been my inspiration because of his complete forward approach because he can dribble, shoot from distance, freekick ability, good on-air, runs at a very good pace, scores beautiful goals basically a total forward package and an all-rounder in attacking.

3) When did you discover the importance of fitness in life?

While I was learning the game I soon found out u even need to work on urself off the field to be even better on the field, that’s how I started my fitness journey with the sole aim of increasing performance, slowly n steadily I started to notice the amazing benefits of gaining strength, getting in good shape and having an upper edge over my opponents that gave me the motivation to keep going, and today fitness has become an important routine of my life.

4) What tournaments have you played?

I have represented Pune university and Pune zone team on various occasions and been part of a successful period of collecting trophies for my college team because when I entered college the football team was at a developing stage so I was fortunate enough to see and be a part of it develop from scratch into almost indisputable on college-level football.

5) What are your achievements?

Pune university runner in my first year and then going on to win it multiple times shows the graph of the journey of me and college team doing it from scratch as mentioned earlier, in total, I was part of the team winning around 10/15 trophies at the intercollegiate level.

6) What is the most memorable tournament of your life?

I would say all the tournaments played under the college team. We’re the most memorable ones because football is a team sport there is nothing or no one bigger than the team, the memories with teammates not only on the field but even off the field make all the college tournaments very memorable.

7) What are your views on Ronaldo and Messi?

I personally am a die-hard Cristiano fan but I believe whoever has a proper sense of the game will never debate abt who is better amongst both coz a person with good knowledge abt football knows they both are equal and best in their own ways because they are two different types of players altogether.
But from an idol perspective, I would prefer Ronaldo over Messi as Messi is pure talent and Ronaldo has worked his way up and not necessarily everyone is as talented as Messi or even close to him but if one follows Ronaldo,s discipline and hard work they will achieve something, more or less they will achieve a fit body to the least and this attitude of working hard on one’s self will not only help one in football but will b very use full in rest of their life’s as well.

8) What do you have to say about football at the International stage with closed doors?

It’s really sad of how such a big country is struggling to even qualify for the world cups my personal experience abt the world cups iv watched so far tells me that a South American country like URUGUAY with a population of 11 lacs finds 11 players to reach the semifinal’s and small country like Croatia find 11 players to reach the World Cup finals but a country like India with such a massive population can’t find 11 players even to qualify for the World Cup this thought made it clear that something is seriously very wrong out here, but never say never as of now there are still better opportunities being created at club levels in the form of the Indian super league which is a good initiative by reliance group which is giving exposure to players at a professional level which gives us hope that we will be right up there in a few years

9) Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

I have spent a lot of time playing, so the least I would want is to contribute directly or indirectly to the development of football in India.

10) How’s life in quarantine?

Life in quarantine is been less active compared to usual life obviously but it’s not that one can’t keep their selves fits, one can always exercise at home or either have a check on the amount of calorie consumed as fitness is a game of calorie in and calories out so one can definitely stay fit being indoors but at the current situation Wat is more important is to stay indoors and stay safe and even follow the guidelines given by the government.

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