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Life: a journey and not a destination

Life: a journey and not a destination

Almost everyone of us has our dreams and desires to do something in life, to achieve something, make a name, get famous, and what not. And there’s nothing that’s abnormal in it, for what is a life without goals. We work hard for the things we wish to achieve, and in the process we learn new things, meet new people, learn more about ourselves, and we fail too, get disheartened. It is then up to us to make a choice, whether to pursue it and give it a shot again or to draw the step back and look for something new and then go through the same process.

Have you ever wondered, what if you reach your destination, then what? You’ll be happy that you smashed your goal and became successful but what lies ahead? And what if you don’t manage to reach at the point where you thought you would? There are certain things that we can control and many that we cannot, for we can only control our actions and not the course decided by the fate. But the point is, what would come next when you reach your destination? The answer is quite simple, another destination.

But the thing is that whether can you predict at 100% guarantee that the series of events you choose for yourself in your mind will be the same in real life? Obviously not! Therefore one must enjoy the journey, and not wait for the destination to come so that one may start to enjoy. One must learn from the moments lived and not the ones that may follow.
For there are no permanent destinations but only permanent journeys, or should I say the journey is the permanent destination.

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