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Ben Jhicks – The nature photographer

Ben Jhicks – The nature photographer

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”– Destin Sparks.

Ben Jhicks is a South Florida based Photographer who has journeyed across the Americas and has collected fine-art photography which very well captures the natural beauty of the world. Ben as a photographer tries his best to also capture very complex photographs which have high risks which include big waves and riskful animal encounters due to his love for nature and its belongings. He has roamed around the American Southwest and South Pacific to look upon the very majestic sea turtle hatching to sandstone buttles. His vision in photography is distinctive which captures detailed images which serve as a testament to his enjoyment and reverence of nature.

His motto with his love for photography includes showing the world beautiful nature and also raise environmental awareness through his captures, he wants his photographs to add a relevant connection with the individual. His main focus is using his photography as a medium to aware people of turtle conservation as these creatures are one of the most important species in the world of marine and coastal ecosystems.

His love for photography includes the challenge it involves and the opportunity to be in nature, he believes hard work and passion can bring all the success. Being staying in America asked about things that make America different from other countries, Ben feels it is the resources and opportunities which stand out. Ben has been working on two different kinds of photography which include commercial photography and nature fine art business and he feels both these varied work style helps him improve the problem-solving ability of his.

The best experience of his work as a photographer was swimming with a whale shark in Borneo without any fins, which is a lot of guts and can be said to be a majestic experience. Ben with his love for photography is particularly focused on using it as a medium to conserve the ecosystem. He tries to make people aware of the environment and how conserving it today will help us have a better future ahead. He also donates his pictures to various organizations like Gumbo Limbo Nature centre, Sea turtle conservancy to promote awareness. Ben also donates time to the non-profit surfers for Autism by providing digital media through stills which also includes brand consulting and event coverage.

It is beautiful to see a photographer in a generation like us be motivated so much towards nature and using his passion to showcase it to the world so amazing. It needs a lot of dedication to work as a photographer and as we all know this generation is filled with photographers of different genres but motivating oneself to work for nature through ones own work is a commendable job.

For his viewers he solely says following our passion is the best way for a long-lasting career journey and learning from others in the particular field we work on is important than tackling it on our own. Lastly, he suggests Yosemite national park, The Florida Keys, Oahu and Hawaii to be a few best places to visit in America.

We hope Ben gets success on his agenda of bringing peoples attention to our environment and the species connected to it as its an important topic which needs all of our attention as we all are connected to nature and to have a future it is very much important to have our environment and its species with us.



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