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The music industry, like many others, has been in a state of turmoil lately due to COVID-19 and social distancing. Based on the numbers and evidence, though, it’s safe to say that’s only a temporary situation. Since music is everybody’s escape and is widely appreciated throughout the population and keeping it in consideration, Currently, a new wave of socially-distant live music events is coming up to ensure that the music fans can get their needs fixed and, hopefully, to keep the music industry afloat.

Recently, The U.K. held an outdoor “socially distanced” concert, which is claimed to be the country’s first since COVID-19 spread around the world. Approximately 2,500 fans showed up at Virgin Money Unity Arena in Gosforth Park, Newcastle, for a show by English singer-songwriter Sam Fender.

Images and videos of the concert went viral throughout social media.
The concept was that instead of people standing side by side in a large mass, it featured 500 separate viewing areas, most on raised metal platforms. The areas are roughly six feet apart and can accommodate up to five people, all of whom must arrive in the same vehicle.

This entire concept of social distanced concerts has started to appeal a lot of people and it seems like that the future of music or the entire live music scene will be certainly revolving around this concept.

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