With thousands of tours across the globe having already been canceled, along with an increasing number of music festivals in this time of unprecedented uncertainty, the future of the music industry looks bleak due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
The financial security and safety of many people working in the music industry are shrouded in complete mystery as the industry relies on a heavily freelance workforce.

Many artists are going through a very hard time, as its the Live performances that often keep their finances flowing. With all live events being cancelled, social media is abound with digital concerts. Several artists are performing for their fans virtually, bringing their bedrooms on the screen. Whilst some are relief efforts, and others are meant to uplifting moods, the unfortunate outcome of this effort is a barrage of online content available entirely free of cost therefore not being able to suffice the needs of an artist.

The entire live music industry has come to jeopardy in a matter of weeks. It is not just the music industry, but the coronavirus spread is impacting every industry and sector across the world. Clearly, the music industry is amongst those hit hardest.

Since most Professional musicians and artists rely on touring and live performances as their primary source of income.

Hoping for a better future ahead and that many of the companies we expect to deliver quality music events around the world will be able to weather the storm and remain resilient in the face of such a period of adversity.

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