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STARNICK – a rap artist and singer recently appeared in MTV Hustle

STARNICK – a rap artist and singer recently appeared in MTV Hustle

Starnick is a rap artist and singer from Bhopal, India. She became famous after her song “Dear Ex” on youtube then the reality show “MTV Hustle 2019” shot her high. She’s a true hustler, she made her YouTube channel named (StarNick) in 2014 and released her first single ‘Ek Kahani’. She sings, writes, and composes her own songs, some of them are ‘Dear Ex’, ‘Maa’, ‘Soch’, etc. In the show ‘MTV Hustle’, she sang a song against fake feminism and equality, which caught the attention of the public and the video of the song instantly went viral. Her flair for her raps and songs are in full flight.

Here is StarNick in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

I was always around music and music around me. To be honest, I was just 4-5 years old, I started pushing buttons on my landline phone that used to produce a beep sound. I’ve also played music using glass utensils and also broke a few of them haha. But in class 6th, I got my first instrument as a violin and then on every birthday I got a new instrument, so the journey as a musician started from here.

2) Which was your first song?

 I released this song in 2014.

3) Which music genre do you normally prefer?

I’m very much into hip hop, writing and pop music. To be very honest, I just love music, I don’t really care about the genres, Good Music is Good Music!

4) Has your family been supportive with your career option?

Let me tell you something interesting, you might have seen my name as ‘Nikitka R Sharma’. That “R” is not for mom or dad, it’s for my sister who really supported me at each and every point of my life. She was the one who was really positive towards my life and my music career. Then eventually my parents also started supporting me towards music. 

5) Share any moment from MTV Hustle which you are proud of.

Of course, The Narivaad performance on MTV Hustle. This was against pseudo feminism. It went viral on social media, media, and all around the nation. It was really a proud for me.

6) Who has been your inspiration?

Raftaar has been my inspiration for me. He’s a great rapper and a lyricist. 

7) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

After 5 years, Umm nice question, but the answer is simple and short, I JUST WANT TO WIN HEARTS, that’s it! Through my words, through my songs, I just want one to relate with my lines and just be happy after listening to my songs.

8) Which has been your most memorable performance?

One of the performances I did in Bhopal for Cancer Survivors, in a Cancer College. There were around 5000 people who cheered me up. That was special because it inspired a lot of people over there.

9) How has been your experience at TedX?

TEDx session was really amazing. Again got a platform to inspire people and tell my story. I was really excited as well as nervous for the session. I even didn’t know what to say, but ya I told my journey and a few things about my life. It was again a proud moment for me, TEDx is a platform that really inspires a lot of people. Special thanks to TEDxKLSGIT to give me an opportunity. 

10) Tell us about your latest track.

 My song is just a reply to the people who said, “Ye Ladki Fake Hai”. I hope that’s enough to say.

11) How has MTV Hustle helped you establishing a fan base?

Yeah, it somewhere helped me to show my skills on National Television, people started knowing me for my song ‘NARIVAAD’. I was eliminated from the show very soon, but the journey was good, I got to know a lot of rhyme schemes, I came to know about the rap culture from all over the Nation. So, yeah overall experience was good.

12) How did you feel outperforming male rappers and breaking the stereotype of the society?

If there are 100 male rappers, then there is only 1 female rapper, the ratio is 100:1. I think girls are no less in rapping. People also really value female rappers as there are very few female rappers in the market. It feels amazing to take a position and stand next to male rappers. Equality rocks, I’m here to battle with a male rapper too!

13) How was life in quarantine?

Life is just the same without shows and events, haha, but ya I got more time for writing my songs, got more time to spend with my family and I did a lot of cooking during Quarantine.  Also prepared many songs, many collabs and many exciting things, Stay Tuned!


YOUTUBE: The StarNick
INSTAGRAM: @starnickofficial

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