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HASEENA – commercial party banger song booming the audience to dance.

HASEENA – commercial party banger song booming the audience to dance.

VERTEX9 drops his first single ‘HASEENA’ from his debut album ‘NO INTRODUCTION’. HASEENA is streaming on Jiosavan, Spotify, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Itunes, Apple Music, etc. The song is composed and Written by VERTEX9 and where two more artists are featured on this track. NIMISHA TIWARI, Indian Idol mega-round fame, and EMCEE R. HASEENA song is a Commercial Party Hip-hop Track, The most amazing place to listen to this track is on Cars, DJ Party, EarPhone, Shaddi Party. VERTEX9 lives in Amritsar, Chandigarh. His Album ‘NO INTRODUCTION’ having 9 Songs among which HASEENA is the First Banger Track out on 30th July.

Here is VERTEX9 in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) What made you choose music as a career and not corporate or govt. jobs?

Music is something for me, I wanna do it all my life without any regret. For Supporting my Finance in Music I have started a small business and along with I m focusing on my music full time.

2) How did the idea of Haseena track came in your mind?

Actually, I was at my study table reading something when this melody struck in my mind and after polishing Haseeena, the track is ready to fire the party.

3) What do you wanna say to all the indian labels for haseena track?

It will be amazing if any Indian music labels want the Haseena song. Artist signing to labels surely gets a push in one’s career so I will love to do but on my terms and conditions.

4) Are you planning to collaborate with any artist?

Ya, I have 2-3 songs in which I have collaborated with amazing  Artists.

5) What are your views on spreading hip-hop culture in India?

It is just the beginning of hip-hop in India, we will have the next 2Pac, Biggi, Pop smoke, Lil Wayne from INDIA.

6) Who is your great source of inspiration?

I really got inspired by Pop smoke, Biggi, 2Pac and Indian GuruChanakya, and Swami Vivekananda.




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