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GAURAV SARDA – A senior manager in an IT Firm and a passionate musician by heart

GAURAV SARDA – A senior manager in an IT Firm and a passionate musician by heart

Gaurav fell in love with creating music in 2012. Till then, he had been just singing for his friends. In 2012, he was in his 2nd year of MBA at NITIE, Mumbai. Cracked CAT to get there. Finished his studies and took up a job in Bangalore. Parallelly formed a band ‘Tarannum’ with the objective to create original music. They released 3 songs in around 2 years (dealt with the issue of a unified vision, financial investment etc). Ultimately closed the band and moved to Mumbai in the monsoon of 2019. 

Rediscovered his music and felt he has found his space in music now. Released his first single in this revitalized journey last year ‘Is Kadar’ with good feedback from the majority of the listeners, got a ‘Rolling Stone India’ feature as well. And now he has released his new song ‘Naya Naya Sa Ishq’, this song is a true reflection of who he is and the kind of music he does. This song was created in the early morning hours around 2 years back; it just happened. He has worked with Aman Moroney as the producer for this song.

He is planning to release more singles regularly this year and move to the music as his full time career. (Yes, he is still in a job, a senior manager in an IT services firm)

Here is Gaurav Sarda in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin? 

My journey as a music composer began in 2012 while I was still pursuing my MBA. I have been writing songs since. In between, I created a band called ‘Tarannum’, released 3 original songs (Clean Slate, Besudh hua, Hadein) with the band and now working solo on new songs.

2) Which was your first song?

‘Clean Slate’ was my first release. Ironically it was an English song however, most of my work is in Hindi language. We put it out on our YouTube channel. 

3) Which has been your most memorable live performance?

I haven’t performed live much. Since I have been doing music along with a full-time career in IT services industry, I couldn’t find time for live performances.

4) Who has been your inspiration?

I have grown up listening to Bollywood music. Mr A.R.Rahman and Amit Trivedi would be my major source of inspirations apart from many other music composers. I have also heard lot of Coldplay and many others from the West; loved listening to Coldplay though.

5) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself as a successful songwriter and a strong performer over the next years. My focus has solely been on songwriting over the last years. I aim to bring all the learning, experience into my songwriting now and create some great music. Also, I plan to start performing in some time, once I decide to move into music as a full-time career.

6) Which is your most preferred genre?

Pop, Fusion, Accoustic!

7) Tell us about your latest track.

Naya Naya Sa Ishq’ is a fusion pop, contemporary song with a variety of instrumentation (Ghatam, orchestra elements, guitars, electronic piano etc). This song is all heart – an honest, organic and fresh take on love. The making of this song started 2 years back in the early hours on a chilly day. I had written some lyrics from my friend Anita. Half-awake that I was, a guitar rhythm made way to a nice tune and then it kept growing. Showcased it to Aman and that’s where he started giving it shape and bringing it to life.

8) Tell us more about your upcoming projects.

I am working on 2 singles already. One is an Acoustic version of a love song and the other song is about a phase of our lives (Questioning our choices, our decisions etc). This song is very much a reflection of what I go through and I believe most of us go through in different phases of our lives.

9) How was life in quarantine?

Difficult in the first few months for writing songs. Somehow the work from home was taking away the freshness of being outside. Got used to it in a while and then back to business to create music.


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