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Meet Pratyush Dhiman, a Himachal based singer, and music composer. He currently lives in Gurgaon. Here is a quick Q/As he had with us.

1. When did your journey as a musician started?

My journey as a musician started back in 2004 when I was 4 years old. My dad had a hobby of playing the flute and tabla at home and somehow music was introduced to me through keyboard and tabla as two primary instruments back then. So I started my professional training in Hindustani Classical Music and then till now I have been learning Hindustani Vocals, and I have been a self-taught music producer.

2. Which was your first ever song and what is the inspiration behind it?

The first song I wrote as an artist was ‘Na Jaane Kyun Tu’ and I wrote and composed this in 2017. Inspirations behind writing this song was I think a sequence of experiences and situations that arose around me at a point. Na Jaane Kyun Tu is a hardcore heartbreak melody I wrote not just for me but for every other person who has loved and lost at some point in their life.

3. What are the odds of a musician as a career?

I think music is something which exists in everybody lives all the time. However, some approach music as an audience for just to listen to it and relate, whereas some try to engage themselves in how to make music, and then last but not least are those who consider making music as a passion and take it up as a career. So I assume that for the ones who opt for music as a full-time career are already prepared to face the ups and downs of it. So according to what I think, choosing music as a passion and a career is itself an odd of becoming a musician. There can be nothing that can make a musician happier than ever if he/she can make a living out of this. Another odd is the kind of audience you gain. You get to know a lot of people who are working in the same industry and simultaneously you get to know another set of people which is none other than your audience. I think the second most important thing to keep you going throughout this journey is the love and support that your crowd gives you.

4. Do you want to be a musician or is it a hobby that you would like to take throughout your life?

Oh yes absolutely! I think while considering my love and passion for making music since childhood, my family has always wanted me to become a musician no matter what consequences I face in the future. My father who was himself a musician is actually that one person before anyone who sees me sit, compose, and produce tracks in my home studio. He’s the only witness who has legit seen every track that I produce to go from bottom till the finish line, i.e. the mastering process. Be it any song or project I’ve done to date, from composing to mixing to master, he listens to everything.

5. Which has been your best work so far?

I think ‘Aziyat’ is being considered as my best work so far. The song has now reached 1.5 lakh views on YouTube and half a lakh streams on Spotify and other digital platforms. Also there have been some background scores I’ve produced and composed for the same theatre plays, which have been appreciated a little.

6. How is life on the other side of music?

Life on the other side of music for me, is to travel, to hang out with my friends and family, to go out on various long drive trips with my brothers, and to be as much social as I can.

7. Many of us believe that a heartbreak can create such wonderful music, is it so with you too?

I believe heartbreak is just a small part of the inspiration towards creativity. Well the broader term which inspires you to be creative in some way or the other is ‘LIFE’. All your experiences and everything that you see and everything happens around you contribute towards something new. Everything that holds you back even for a small minute makes you learn something and later all these things inspire you and motivate you to bring out the best version of yourself and to express everything that exists inside you artistically.

8. One piece of advice that you would like to give to the budding musicians.

One piece of advice to all the musicians out there is that if you’ve chosen to become a musician, then just turn everything that exists inside you into music. Industry-standard DAWs, insane Kontakt libraries, VSTs, good vocal effects, and plugins do enhance the music you produce but even before these technicalities, ’emotions’, ‘experiences’ and ‘expressions’, these three E’s I believe are the most important factors for you to express the best out of you as a musician. Also I believe every artist should listen to as much music as he/she can. Exploring new music and listening to it will help you grow as a composer and will make your ears strong. Having a strong ear is very very important for a musician

9. How’s life in quarantine?

So in this quarantine, my schedules include making more of my music, working on certain professional projects, keeping myself healthy, and going through exercises, listening to a lot of music by my fellow musicians in the world. I also spend time interacting with people who listen to my music. This is done through Instagram Live sessions in the night. Also now lately I’ve started playing video games for sometime during the day.

Watch the latest track Aziyat.

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