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Engineer’s Day

Engineer’s Day

Heyyy… Are you an engineer? 



So now we all know that they have predicted that we will be unemployed or definitely will do something other than engineering that’s the thing they have already chosen for us! 

I have found people appreciating each and every field starting from an artist, to a doctor to police to freelancer but engineers are always chosen to make fun…

I don’t understand why 

You can make memes on us, make fun of us but Stop targeting us in the whole party

We are human too! 

Like if we are doing well in other fields then what’s the big deal and we are excellent in our field then what’s the problem! 

I just wanted to say stop setting parameters for us, we are just normal like you..let us enjoy/chill and behave Normally like you. 

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Kruti Trivedi

Kruti Trivedi from Ahmedabad. Perusing computer engineering as career But a writer by heart ! She belongs to miracle believers in the world of practical ones!

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