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‘ENERGY TALKS’ WITH ROMINA GUERRERO – A Guide to energy and external factors

‘ENERGY TALKS’ WITH ROMINA GUERRERO – A Guide to energy and external factors

We can create our own universe, but we can’t forget the many external factors that aren’t our creation. We are being affected by a special moment in history and many areas are being affected. We can try to change our reaction to what is around us, we need to be aware and responsible in how we process external factors for our own well being. The importance of knowing and recognizing what is affecting us is crucial for the daily maintenance of our energy field.
Remember that it is healthy to say no sometimes. We need to learn how to protect ourselves without being negative or engaging. We need to practice neutrality and observe from a standpoint of self-love without judgment. When we love ourselves we learn how to love others.

Romina Guerrero is a former actress and a mediator now. She’s leading a spiritual life and can see auras. She works with human energy and helps people getting happiness.

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