‘My inspiration has always come from my failures’ – Sudha Chandran

What happens when the thing you need the most is the one thing you don’t have?

Sudha Chandran, born to Telugu parents in Mumbai, the only child of her parents. Seeing her enthusiasm towards dance and cultural arts, her father at the age of three enrolled her in a dancing class, and at the age of eight, she gave her first dance performance. Along with her studies she enjoyed dancing, by the age of sixteen she had already given 75 stage performances, she was indeed a rising star. But only four months before her 16th birthday she met an accident that fractured her leg along with other bruises. Due to the sudden rush, the team of medical interns failed to observe the injury on the right lower leg. They wrapped her leg directly with POP plaster which led to gangrene and the specialists were left with no choice but to cut off her right leg 7.5 inches below the knee to avoid the spread of further infection. Sudha indeed was devastated. Negative thoughts, depression, anger, frustration enveloped her.

But She Didn’t Quit.

Her passion for dancing made her walk again with the help of an artificial limb called Jaipur foot or Jaipur leg. It took her four months to walk straight. After learning to walk with her new leg she began practicing dance. It was difficult. She had to learn every step again. There were times her leg used to bleed. But she didn’t stop. After months of practice, hard work, and not giving up She was ready to tell the World that an amputated leg cannot prevent her from living her dreams. Her first live stage performance with her amputated let was at St. Xavier’s school, Mumbai. Among the audience sat Ramoji Rao, the owner of Ramoji Rao Film City, Hyderabad. She gave a mind-blow performance just like in her old days everybody including her father was thrilled.

That one performance changed her life. She received immense appreciation from the Indian and international media. She got invitations to perform all over the globe. Ramoji Rao offered her the lead role in a Telugu movie named Mayuri which was a huge success and won many national awards. Presently Sudha is a well-established actress she has acted in various movies in various languages like Hindu, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, and Kannada.

She even runs a dancing school named Sudha Chandran Academy of dance.


Life may throw various barriers and may hamper our dreams on our way to success. But in the end, it is our attitude towards the problem and how we face it and overcome each challenge gracefully which makes a difference in our lives.

Never give up !!!!!

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