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“Miles to go before I sleep” believes AYUSH DEWAN KHURANA – an Entrepreneur, Author and a Hotel Connoisseur

“Miles to go before I sleep” believes AYUSH DEWAN KHURANA – an Entrepreneur, Author and a Hotel Connoisseur

“No matter what your dreams or obstacles, YOU have the power to change your life, and by doing so, you’ll change the world. This philosophy + a dogged amount of hard work and a discernible amount of grace have led to some wonderful milestones.” “You need to first LEARN, and eventually remove the L to EARN.”

A born & raised Delhi Entrepreneur with nothing more than a vision and a dream. he is proud to have created a socially conscious digital empire that touches millions. One of the things he is often asked is: “How on earth did you get started with all this?” For as long as he could remember, He has been insatiably curious about human potential. He wanted to know what exactly is it that makes people genuinely happy, successful and creatively fulfilled? Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive, despite the most challenging circumstances? He realized that his unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability. He believes that whether you run your own business or work for someone, a creative and unique approach is critical to reach your full potential in this modern world and to experience the happiness and fulfilment you deserve, He believes you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to truly be successful in today’s world.

What started as a humble beginning for Ayush in 2015 from the living room of his house, to what the nation today recognizes as a global fashion footwear brand “Modello Domani”- his journey has traversed many complexities of a true entrepreneur.  With the motto “Happy feet for all”, the current CEO Ayush Dewan Khurana started his dream of creating a world-class footwear brand that would cater to all niche market segments, specializing in casual wear, wedding wear and offer nonpareil customisation services. 


His journey of entrepreneurship started all the way back in 2010 when even the word ‘Entrepreneur’ was not so commonly heard. At that time he started India’s first date organising company ‘Flirtease’ where they arranged for romantic dining set-ups and experiences exclusively for couples. Later, he launched “Tagged’, a retail store selling high-end brands based in New Delhi. While operating as a retailer he realised how international brands positioned themselves and made money from the markup. In 2015, he began to dabble with the idea of launching his own brand. The vision became a reality the same year as he launched his luxury footwear label ‘Modello Domani’, which he currently spearhead.

In 2019, before the pandemic hit the nation. he was successfully able to launch his second major start-up brand ‘Swachhta’ offering India’s only perfume fragrant FDA approved sanitisers & disinfectants, which he is currently building. As an entrepreneur, he feels one must explore their abilities at a deeper level and never let go of an opportunity when presented.



Let me ask you a simple question; what is the first thing you do when you wake up? Pray to the almighty? Freshen up? Do Yoga? Contrary to what may you think, the majority of us ‘check our phones.’ Be it to see the time, notifications, work emails, or who liked whom on social media, which further sets your Mood For The Day!

The power of WORDS is often underestimated. Yet they can easily make or break you. They can lift your spirits, motivate you to perform better, leave a lasting impression, end wars or start new ones, break your heart, or even make you sing with joy. By the medium of my aphorisms on everyday living, I intend to nerve on these six key emotions: Motivation, Reality, Love, Spiritual, Sarcasm & Mindset. Keeping it short yet powerful, light yet memorable, and simple yet effective.


The one word which catches everyone’s attention in today’s world is Trending. We are living in a time where everyone wants instant recognition and gratification. We measure success by the number of retweets and likes, running after curating a life that isn’t fulfilling but ‘Instagram-able’. An average millennial spends his life relentlessly chasing the two L’s – Love and Labels. Our achievements and motivations are fueled by a dire need for validation and not passion. The wedding needs to be Big even if there’s no love, the car needs to be luxurious even if it’s loaned the house needs to be grandeur even if it’s rented, the tag needs to be branded even if it’s fake. So where do we draw the line? When hashtags become more important than words, and reel is mistaken for real; we know it’s time for a Reality Check.


When it comes to travel and leisure, we all have our passions. Some love the hills, some love the beach, some love exotic locations, while some are just a sucker for staycations. He however loves to explore luxurious properties & suites and reviewing hotels. Coming from an extended family of hoteliers. He always found hospitality very intriguing and loved experiencing the hospitality at an establishment. He has unlocked over 50 top properties with 400+ check-ins and 300+ restaurants so far. He has also had the honour of connecting with over 15 Les Clefs d’Or (Golden Key Concierge) members nationwide. For those who don’t know who they are, well, they are trained to be some of the most knowledgeable individuals at any property and very rare to find. Not every property has them, except the very best.

For every property he unlocks, he makes it a point to vlog about the hotel/suites he is staying at. He feels there is a major gap between what is shown and what is delivered to a customer while booking a room. He tries to bridge that gap as much as possible by reviewing and sharing his sharp insights about the property and their different room categories for a more informed experience. Many hotels use the same room image for multiple rooms/suites, which can be misleading That’s where he comes in to create more transparency and also create an aspirational want amongst those looking for a finer experience.


INSTAGRAM : @ayushdk

MODELLO DOMANI@domanishoes
SWACHHTA – Premium

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