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Graveyard of Shooting Stars

Graveyard of Shooting Stars

Could you ever have imagined a burial ground would look so beautiful? What does it remind you of? The white cotton souls wander all day, arriving all day. Maybe they’re searching. 

Sometimes the rain. Sometimes they yell.  Sometimes they throw electric tantrums we can’t imagine handling. 

Do you think that was their destiny? 

The soul expresses. The body shows. The mind decides. The trifecta in tandem shows the universal soul is real. Shows the extent of unbelievable things happening all around us, how we’re not a cent aware of this orderly transience. The magic. The soul of the world.

Yet in all of this unfathomable process, uncomprehendingly, we are here and satisfied in oblivion, those of us who are aware of our ignorance. 

To those that are not, ignorance will always be bliss. 

No one can live an entire lifetime in ignorance, so I’m not worried for anyone. Those that do wrong and sabotage harmony and unity, will understand soon how their souls resonate in elevating everyone else while keeping yourself grounded, how everlasting the peace of helping and supporting is. If I’m to suffer at the hands of one for them to realize, I’m ready. It only expands my understanding of human expressions. It gives me a ground of what I’m to deal with. 




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