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DHRUV KAPOOR – India’s very own up and coming, indie-folk dreamy songwriter

DHRUV KAPOOR – India’s very own up and coming, indie-folk dreamy songwriter

Fade into the softly soothing and heart-wrenching world of Dhruv Kapoor — India’s very own up and coming, indie-folk dreamy songwriter. He’s been hooking listeners for over a year now with his own timeless brand of emotion-dripped love lullabies. The New-Delhi/Seattle based singer-songwriter fuses rich, honey-soaked vocals, to gentle acoustic melodies and a cool indie-pop style. His debut EP is called “Heartbreak Paradise”, and came after the release of his simplistic and minimal, indie-pop anthem “Sincity Love”. Dhruv is known for his lyrical prowess and relatable songwriting that has touched the hearts of thousands worldwide. Allowing listeners the ability to feel love or heartbreak, even if they’ve never experienced it before. 

To date, he has toured all over India and played a number of intimate shows like Sofar Sounds, as well as house concerts in over seven cities. He is inspired by the likes of Matty Healy, Kevin Parker, and John Mayer. Originally he would write songs about relationships and lost love, however, these days he is starting to step into new musical territories. Dhruv started writing his own music in 2017 and hasn’t stopped ever since. Dhruv’s simplistic melodies and charmingly intelligent lines are bound to get stuck in your head and have you singing them for months to come.

Here is Dhruv Kapoor in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

I’ve always been into music, I used to go to music school to learn how to play the drums, and I did that for a good 4-5 years till 2017. Towards the end of 2017, I started writing my own music. I never really learnt how to sing or play the guitar, it just happened to work with the kind of songwriting I was doing and then I kept getting better at it as time went by, at least that’s what I like to believe haha. It was a very intense relationship and a tough breakup that made me want to write songs, and after that, it just happened. It’s been a ride since then, I haven’t stopped writing, and at this point, I don’t think I can.

2) Which was your first song?

My first song was called Sincity Love, which was released in February this year(2020).

3) Which has been your most memorable live performance?

It has to be Sofar Goa, it was the first time I was playing a Sofar Sounds show, and it was in the Museum of Goa. The place was so beautiful, and with all the art around me, I felt so immersed, and it felt transcendent to contribute to the whole ambience. There were about 100 people too, so it was big, at least for me. The audience was lovely, and I cherish the entire experience so much. I still look at videos of that show at times haha!

4) Who has been your inspiration?

I have so many in terms of the music they make. I like Matty Healy, The Milk Carton Kids, John  Mayer, Tame Impala. But I’m sure this will change, I listen to new music every day, and it keeps  inspiring me.  

5) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

 Haha, that’s a toughie, I can’t say. I’m just going with the flow right now, and I’m glad things are  going well. I hope to keep making music and expressing myself even if I don’t “make it” you  know.   

6) How has been your experience with Sofar sounds?

 Sofar is always a good experience! Mostly because I prefer intimate shows to bar shows or restaurant gigs. I did a house show tour in summer 2019 which had two sofar shows, and five house concerts and all of them were fantastic. I made a cute little video of it too: Tour film.

7) Tell us about your latest track.

What Is Love ” is a track that stems from a place of personal enquiry and desire to understand what love truly means. Following the release of the self-professed heartbreak record ‘Heartbreak Paradise’,  I have written new stories and narratives in the last year that try to answer specific questions on love, longing, loss and the process of making art itself. This song eases the burden of having to understand love, i.e. a feeling no one completely understands, but it is my understanding of what love truly means and could mean.

8) How was life in quarantine?

It started with me writing a lot of music and everything but now I’m over that phase. I want to go  out again, experience things, travel and explore more about myself in different places and then write.  I’m lucky to be in a place where I have what I need, but I’m hoping things get better soon so we can  all go back to normal. I would have been in the US in college if it wasn’t for corona, and that’s so  different from home in India. I’m just optimistic and taking it as it comes.



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