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Mayank Garhwal is a musician, songwriter, and also model. He was a man of the year in an international pageant. He was also into astrophysics some while ago. For Mayank, art is a deep ocean of wonders which is beyond words. It can be only felt by experiencing emotions. And it’s a quality to put your inner self out and present your emotions so that everyone can relate and connect. If you’re successful in expressing audience your emotions and making them relate. This is the definition of a successful artist for him. Because what appreciation and recognition make us feel is much more than wealth and luxury.

Here is Mayank Garhwal in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as a musician begin?

I feel I was always a musician. When I was 6 -7, I still remember I used to pick sugar and tea containers from the kitchen and used to tap on them with the intention to match the beats of the Bollywood song playing on TV. I know it is silly but this is the oldest memory I remember of mine where I met the musician inside me. But my real journey started with a strong decision of leaving IIT and pursuing my life in art. It was a tough decision, but I was firm with my decision because I had a vision in my mind and I was not at all skeptical about it.

2) Tell us more about your experience in astrophysics.

Astrophysics was only one thing that kept my interest in science and kind of triggered me. Fortunately or coincidentally, this was the only branch I was getting in the IIT. I have researched and learned a lot about the fundamentals of our universe. Space and time, matter, anti-matter, black matter. There’s so much into it which keeps intriguing. Stephen Hawkings and Albert Einstein are two scientists whose books I have always read, how they convey complex science into simple words, easy for non-science readers.

3) Which has been your first track?

It was ‘MEHERBANI REPRISE’. I was in class 10. I used to sneak from my home in the night and coach in the afternoon for recording and shooting it. I never used to sing and record till then. I just used to sing for my puppy love and as a promise and a surprise, I planned to record a song for her on her birthday. Unfortunately, when I made that song, she left India and It didn’t happen how I wanted it to be. But my song got shortlisted for MTV Nescafe Labs in the wall of fame. This was the song that made me think that I can choose not to be an engineer and see myself in music.

4) Who has been your inspiration?

Without any doubt, Mr. AR RAHMAN. I was in class 6 when he first came to BHOPAL for a huge show. And I forced my home tutor not to teach that day and take me to that concert as he was my only validation to go out. I still get goosebumps when I recall what I felt as a 12-year-old Kid seeing AR RAHMAN performing with his team of 100 musicians on stage. That moment is still in my mind and I keep reliving that.

5) Tell us more about you being crowned as ‘Man of the Year’ in an international pageant and your life as a model.

Well, this is again a new chapter that just happened and was never a part of the plan. When I first came to Mumbai, I left my hometown. I was an Introverted kid and very less social in person. Whatever I am today as a Model, I think the credit goes to one of my friends named OM. He kept pushing me about why I shouldn’t try modeling, I was never in favor. But somehow he convinced me for auditions. And I got first selected in MR MAHARASHTRA ELITE as a finalist and also won the title there. Just a month to this win, I auditioned for MR ASIA INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT, and guess what? I got selected, I went to the finals, and was the top finalist. Also won the title there and got a working contract. This was my journey from being an introverted kid, always underestimating oneself, and had a misconception about being a model, that a model is always someone who is great into fitness and has muscles to becoming ‘MAN OF THE YEAR.’

Well, life as a model is very glamorous and charismatic. As a model, you are always in the center of the crew and are treated as the most important person on the set. It is hard work, but I very much enjoy working as a model. I have been on a shoot for 8 hours straight with 40-50 changes, but I kept enjoying the whole time. It is like getting pampered and clicked and getting paid for it.

6) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A dream for a 12-year-old kid is never money because he doesn’t know how to use it. When I was 12, I used to dream about freedom, living an independent life, and exploring my art with no boundaries. That’s all I wanted and it was a dream for me. The life I used to dream about is exactly the same as I am living in the present where I am constantly exploring my art without any boundaries and living my expenses. So, the answer to this question: ” Where do I see myself in the next 5 years ” is my vision. Vision with no self-doubt. Also, the faith about the fact when I didn’t doubt and just dreamt the life I want as a 12 yr kid, I got that. So being in my early 20s, what I want in the next 5 years or maybe just 2 years will surely happen. Yes, with hard work, dedication, effort but majorly self-belief and no self-doubt. In the next 5 years, I feel I will be an Artist known for my own uniqueness and will be enjoying wealth and luxuries, and recognition. I keep expressing Gratitude every single moment and the Universe gives me back with more such circumstances.

7) Which has been your most memorable project or song?

The song’s name is ‘Mera Wada’, written and composed by me. This is the only song where I challenged myself and made it light classical and was in the Bollywood genre. You won’t find this song anywhere, it is just with me. It is a song which was supposed to come in a movie but unfortunately, it didn’t work out at the last moment. It’s been a year since then, so maybe in some time I will launch it as my single or maybe I will launch it with a label. Still looking for it.

8) Tell us about your latest track.

My latest track is ‘Yeh Kahan aa Gaye hum by MAYANK GARHWAL.’ It’s an old song which I have sung in my own rendition.

9) Share some of your achievements with the magazine.

  • Top Finalist of Mr. Asia International.
  • Title Holder in International fashion pageant MR INDIA/ASIA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL.
  • Title Holder of MR/MS MAHARASHTRA ELITE.
  • Performed in LIVE shows, and was interviewed on AIR with BIG FM.
  • My song ‘MEHERBANI REPRISE’ has been shortlisted in MTV NESCAFE LABS.
  • My recent video crossed 100k views.

10) How was life in quarantine?

The last lockdown was a path breaker for me as that time I just signed my modeling contract and lockdown happened. I was in Chennai for a brand shoot I remember and the same day I had to fly to my hometown because a lockdown was declared. And rest is history as everyone knows how long it went. So that lockdown taught me life is unpredictable. It taught me patience, perseverance. And yes this current lockdown, even after being at home I have got work to do. All thanks to social media, I have started being active and consistent and it’s bringing good work and recognition in return. Being home I have brands and music projects. And yes this is turning out to be the best and most grateful time to me as I am utilizing this time in polishing my music by doing my riyaz every day. Hoping this lockdown gets over and works out best for everyone.


INSTAGRAM : @mayankgarhwalofficial



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