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SAGG ECO-VILLAGE – Hidden gem of Kashmir

SAGG ECO-VILLAGE – Hidden gem of Kashmir

Conflict doesn’t have to be the only definition of Kashmir. Revenge tourism doesn’t have to be the only recognition of the beauty of Kashmir. Sustainability, eco-friendly practices and entrepreneurship can be the idea too and that’s exactly what Sagg eco-village is redefining. Giving back to the society is the principle Sagg follows with the exchange of expertise and volunteer opportunities but also simple hostel or resort facilities as well according to your choice! An amalgamation of services and opportunities in tandem with nature is what is Sagg. “I believe life is meant to be an entrepreneurial venture and mindful ecological entrepreneurship can help us solve the many problems we are faced with,“ says Fayaz Ahmed Dar founder of Sagg eco-village Srinagar Kashmir.

Sagg means to nurture like water. Dar founded Sagg eco-village in 2013 to organize his own life and explore an integrative and regenerative lifestyle. Sagg is an eco-cultural, recreational and educational farm cum camping facility. At Sagg they develop and promote regenerative lifestyles based on the integration of all our resources and needs. over the years Sagg has developed many creative services, spaces, products and programs promoting a healthy and re-creative lifestyle that is much appreciated by the participants. these include educational, work and leadership capacity building and consulting programs for individuals, groups and organizations.

It first began with another of his venture Mool. Mool sustainability research and training centre ( was started in 2009. Mool is now a charitable trust working for sustainable socio-economic development through participatory capacity building, sustainable development and rehabilitation in Kashmir. one of their ongoing participatory research projects is the articulation of a common and shared value-based vision for our life and society. it is this participatory work that paved the way for the idea of Sagg to emerge. Sagg & Mool now transform each other and grow together!

Sagg eco-village is a natural farm cum retreat centre located on the Sindh foothills in Ganderbal, Kashmir! They design, develop, build and promote recreational, educational and lifestyle services, spaces, products and programs based on the integration of natural resources, cultural wisdom and modern needs.

At Sagg the breathtaking natural beauty, the local cultural wisdom and the famed Kashmiri hospitality will help kill the stress, rediscover peace and rejuvenate! Sagg eco-village builds integrative and regenerative lifestyles and communities through ecological entrepreneurship-

  • creating, designing, developing and promoting recreational, educational and lifestyle services, spaces, products and programs for individuals, families and communities,
  • creating a movement by training 100,000 ecopreneurs by 2030, and
  • transforming health, farming, education, parenting, work and environment.
  • To break it down for the layman.
  • At Sagg the work is integrated and organized through the following programs.
  • base camp > the eco friendly home with adventurous living space that integrates nature into our lives through mindful camping, trekking and eco therapy!
  • gwoff & garden café> the village cafe offers local, healthy and delicious foods and meals with homely service and a heavenly ambience!
  • Wannepyend > the village lifestyle shop
  • Tamah > Sagg eco-club enabling us to reach out and bring awareness to the emerging concerns and possibilities. Tamah also fulfils personal and social recreational needs by hosting social and private events!
  • Matamaal kid> the child is the master who keeps kids at the centre of our imagination! Sagg spaces and programs fulfil the re-creative needs of children engaging all their senses. the spaces and activities develop their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical fitness!

Mouaj bab sufficiency school is a holistic and experiential learning environment that brings together in a unique blend the traditional wisdom and cutting edge research to the methodology of our individual and collective education, parenting, schooling, teaching, organizing and capacity building. The village academy offers coaching for personal and organizational transformation to achieve any goal you want! it explores the connections between beliefs, behaviours and values, and how they impact our lives.

Sagg is an experiment in providing culturally rooted, environmentally responsible lifestyle examples and experiences to people, especially children and youth. For anyone willing to try something very different from the run-of-the-mill tourist and culinary experience that Kashmir offers in plenty, it is well worth exploring. Natural thatched mud huts with toilets that fully compost friendly. From cuisine seeped in the tradition to experiments with the new from products resources locally to ideally self-sustaining farming practices; Sagg has it all.

And in case you are a starter in sustainable practices then an in-between path is also available with fully functional resort facilities (yes with fancy toilets). Talking to travellers who have stayed there, each and even vouched for the endless learning opportunities, the supremely friendly staff and utmost levels of hospitality at Sagg which was amazing considering most eco resounding face initial hiccups but probably the unique work at Sagg has made it unique in other aspects also.

Sagg can be a resort or a volunteer service as per your choice but Sagg will definitely be an experience out of this world.
—- in collaboration with Maliq Abid. All beautiful pictures and groundwork by the esteemed.


SAGG ECO VILLAGE: @saggecovillage

MALIQ ABID: @maliqabid

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