Roof covered with white lilies and red roses. A bunch of flowers resting on her headband, draped in all white, Bella looked beautiful on her wedding day.

A bit excited and emotional, she went to her parents’ room.

Ryan and Cinthia went into tears seeing their daughter that how fast she turned into a beautiful woman, from a girl playing with dolls.

They hugged each other.

“I don’t know how but it’s been a lot of time since I had not seen Ella in my dreams. Maybe she’s not missing me there. But today I wish if she were here, this could have been better.” Said Bella.

With teary eyes they went to the Church where Henry and his family was waiting.

They took wedding vows and kissed each other.

“You are husband and wife now”, said Father.

It was an all new phase of life for Ella. A lot had happened with her but this was the best moment.

She bid goodbye to everyone and went into the car, waiving hands in air towards her parents.

When her car was out of their sight, Ryan and Cinthia went to the Church to recollect all the gifts. Just when they realised someone had given a big bouquet of lilies with a note for Bella.

There was not much written on it. But whatever it was, it was enough to surprise them.

“I will still miss you. And I am with you always. With love Ella”, the note said.

Cinthia read the note and it fell off from her hand.

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