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5 Ways to take care of yourself

5 Ways to take care of yourself

Did you finish that pending assignment? Did you talk to your parents? Did you run errands? Did you attend that party last night?

Did you?

Let’s switch the course of these questions and direct them towards ourselves maybe?

Are you happy? Are you healthy, not just physically but mentally?  Are you having a hard time? You, who’s always a good listener, do you need someone to talk to? Are you struggling your way through life like most of us? Are you going through an existential crisis? Are you depressed and anxious isolated in your room?

Are you?

Competition is cutthroat, everybody is grinding in that marathon to make it to the top. Some with a purpose, some with just a need. Can’t really blame anybody for things as how they are now. We are anyhow supposed to endure and adapt. It’s not limited to survival anymore. Status, money and fame is that goal everyone’s breaking a leg for. 

Somewhere between work and life, are we forgetting the most important aspect that goes through every bit of it?


We tend to give our all to fulfill the fantasies and forget about us, the most important body in action. Every day we go through countless emotions, not sure if all of them are pleasing.  We need self healing, a process of recovery, a kind that is guided by instinct.

How do we take care of ourselves?

Focus on yourself        

Practice a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy, wake up earlier than usual, go for a run, make time to work out, get a gym membership or workout at home, get rid of procrastination, practice good hygiene, groom yourself, learn new things, discover a new passion and work on it, don’t ever sit idle, an idle mind is a huge empty space for rambunctious thoughts that turns refractory in a matter of time. Record your activities, write down things you want to do or wish to achieve, big or small write it down. Don’t slack off, stick to a routine. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to see and feel a better you.

Talk to yourself

No joke, it isn’t funny. Self-reflection from time to time is necessary. Talk to yourself, you are the best person to take advices from. It is totally normal. It can motivate you at times, calm you down, reflect upon your mistakes, forgive yourself, try harder next time, try again. Take care of your needs. Refrain yourself from associating to anything or anyone that costs you your peace of mind.


Tired of maintaining a balance between work and life but still don’t succeed somehow you come home with a mind full of rushing thoughts that literally brings anxiety. You need to relax. Meditation produces a state of tranquility. It calms your rushing thoughts. Improves your focus, relaxes, results in an enhanced emotional well being.

Take a day off

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery. If the atmosphere around you is stressful change it. Take that much needed day off, go out shopping, for a hike, watch a movie, treat yourself, catch up with friends. Getting away sometimes can help you disconnect. No, it doesn’t have to be an expensive Bali trip. It can be anywhere around your town or nearby. You just need a get away for a change in your normal routine.

Read a book

Always scrolling through your social media feed tend to contribute to your stress rather than avoiding it. We need to get out of the screens and throw that phone away for real. Read a self help book. They really help to motivate and relax as the keep you engaged. It doesn’t have to be a self help book all the time. Read a thriller, horror, sci fiction anything that keeps your face stuffed into that book for longer.

In today’s fast paced world, don’t forget about yourself. Remember you are your best friend. You need yourself more than anyone. Give some time to yourself. Take care.

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