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When introduced to each other you were flying high like a bird carefree,
That was a numb moment for you as far as I would see.

Spending time alongside your love was a precious feeling for which you mostly cared,
Through ups and downs highs and lows with him, your love was to be shared.

You always had that great desire to want your mate along by your side,
From the beginning, he used to hide behind the words which we always lied to.

With long lost feelings for him reminded me of years of his faith and birth,
Such an idiot in eternal life would neither know your value nor learn about your worth.

Left with a broken heart were you after being with him for many years,
It’s hard for me to hold back with a fear of seeing you shade down your tears.

It was all innocent and just didn’t seem to be all right,
Still, conversation about him always invoked you starting a fight.

A broken heart of yours was never thought to have a quick heal,
And woken heart back together, what you allowed him to break and steal.

The question arose from the depth core of your kind and broken heart,
Will, you ever fall for someone again or will you take a path apart?

Sudden meeting with a stranger who helped you realize what’s your worth,
Broken-heart felt love again was a miracle happening giving your heart rebirth.

The heart feeling its Iove back again comforted putting up with you at ease,
Broken heart felt love again like the mind-blowing refreshing spring breeze.

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About The Author

Saloni Shah

“A girl who isn’t afraid of being outnumbered. Just like an Eagle, she has the willpower to touch the sky!” From the small town of Shrirampur, Saloni Shah is a student at the University of Mumbai studying Computer Science. A learner who accepts change for the benefit of growth and improvement. She holds multiple records and awards.

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